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5 Minutes with Kamal Sarma

Friday, 01 February 2013 17:23

In the leadup to our February National Speaker Showcase, we found five minutes to sit down and chat with leading resilience expert Kamal Sarma.


Ovations Big Book Giveaway

Friday, 01 February 2013 17:18

Like to win a SENSATIONAL Big Book Prize Pack?


Paul Wallbank is one of the leading business technology experts in Australia and will be headlining at our National Speaker Showcase on February 19 2013.

I first heard the term "throwing the problem over the fence" from a telco project manager a few years ago, it describes how modern organisations shift risk to others.

Throwing the problem over the fence usually involves contracting out a task, the philosophy is once the contract is signed delivery is no longer management's problem, it's now the responsibility of the contractor. Once the job is over the fence it's out of sight and out of mind.

Governments, financial institutions and most corporations have become very good at throwing their problems over the fence.

10 tips to a top brief!

Friday, 01 February 2013 15:20

It's great to be back on team Ovations after 6 months travelling and writing.

I know the one thing that won't have changed while I have been gone... the length of everyone's to-do lists! As a busy professional you can save yourself precious hours by delivering your brief for us to research.

Armed with your details we recommend and present you with the very best short list of speakers and talent. So here are 10 tips to delivering a top brief in 10 minutes:


David Thomas recently headed up the Australasian Mission to the 2013 Asian Financial Forum. Asian business interests in Australia are frequently overlooked, however David provides a compelling argument for why our business leaders need to recognise the sheer market force of the coming Asian century and act now to take a place in it.

Watch as David interviews heads of major financial instutions, underscoring the seriousness with which the banking sector approaches Asia's financial rise.


How to go from ordinary to amazing

Friday, 01 February 2013 15:01

What happens that makes people from ordinary backgrounds turn into amazing, great individuals with inspirational lives and careers?

In last week's Voice America webcast, famed business adviser and marketer Bob Pritchard interviews Telstra's Australian Business Woman of the Year award recipient Liesl Capper about the rise of her incredible entreprenurial career.

We've embedded the interview for you to find out!


Don't Miss Australia's LARGEST Showcase!

Friday, 01 February 2013 13:19

National Speaker Showcase

Ensure your seat at the most inspirational table in town!

We're showcasing Australia's hottest speakers for 2013 all while offering a luxurious breakfast in the fabulous ivy ballroom, Sydney.

register nowIt's always a sell-out event so book now to avoid disappointment.

Like a taste of what to expect from a speaker showcase? Watch our previous showcases online!


Entrepreneur and CEO of virtual assistant startup, MyCyberTwin, Liesl Capper was recently featured in ARN magazine following her presentation "Machines to replace humans completely?" at the Australian Computer Society's Youth IT Conference.

Her presentation highlighted that in many cases virtual humans offer a superior value proposition to both business and consumers, with a growing body of evidence to support the statement that many people prefer interacting with computers over real humans.

Liesl accounted for this burgeoning acceptance as part of the proliferation of mobile technology - its integration into our daily lives is proving in this case to be the doorway to widespread acceptance of virtual humans. 


The Chaser MCs Human Rights Awards

Sunday, 04 November 2012 11:36

Ovations 'don' their community hat once again!

Jane Rowland Smith at Ovations secured Craig Ruecassel for this year's 2012 Human Rights Awards coming up on the 10th December at the Hilton, Sydney

Craig Reucassel was a founding member of the satirical multi-media group The Chaser team, and worked to produce their satirical newspaper, as well as television shows on ABC TV including 'The Election Chaser', 'CNNNN', 'The Chaser Decides' and 'The Chaser's War on Everything'. He has been one of the main presenters on The War since the pilot episode. He and his wife Keisha have three children together, and their son Ollie has appeared on some of the sketches on The War. Reucassel is presently a Patron of the Left Right Think-Tank, Australia's first independent and non-partisan youth think-tank. 



It's that time of the year again where we start casting our gaze forward, planning for the successes of the year to come.

No doubt, you've already started planning for the first round of events and conferences for next year - all that's left is to find the perfect speaker.

We can help make that decision easier, not only with our incredible staff standing ready to find the perfect speaker for you, but because when you book a speaker, trainer or entertainer before December 24th 2012, for any event in 2013, we'll give you a bottle of bubbly on us!

Why not get in touch now and make sure this Christmas is a merry one?


Are you a business neanderthal?

Sunday, 04 November 2012 11:32

By Paul Wallbank

"Bringing a knife to a gunfight" describes showing up hopelessly ill-equipped for the task at hand.

Two recent conferences, the massive Dreamforce in San Francisco and the smaller, but still fascinating, Australian Xerocon in Melbourne illustrate just how radically the commercial world is changing and how many business leaders are poorly equipped for today's times. 

In July, the Melbourne Xero Convention bought together 400 Australian partners of the cloud accounting service which showed how how one New Zealand based company is building it's business through engaging other suppliers who add features to the basic service.

Vend, a Point Of Sale cloud service provider, was one of the companies exhibiting at XeroCon. In the past POS systems have been a pain for retail businesses with most suppliers' business models being about locking customers into expensive contracts.


Book a Speaker, Get a Bubbly!

Sunday, 04 November 2012 11:17

It's nearly Christmas and we're giving away the presents!

If you're looking at booking a speaker for any event to be held in the coming year, get in before Christmas 2012 and we'll send you a bottle of bubbly on us!

Don't forget, Ovations has access to any speaker anywhere in the world and our incredible staff love nothing better than to match the perfect speaker to your event!


How do you make decisions?

Sunday, 04 November 2012 11:06

This month we find out how Anh Do, Penny Burke and David Koutsoukis make their tough decisions.

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