Adam Elliot is not only an Academy Award (TM) winning Animator, but also one of Australia's funniest, unique and most refreshing corporate speakers and entertainers. Adam has given his inspiring and motivating presentations to hundreds of groups all over the world. From the giants at Google and Apple to a bunch of hairdressers in Borneo, his anecdotes are timeless and extremely popular with a diverse range of audiences. Adam has spoken at virtually every type of event and conference, including business breakfasts, gala dinners and awards nights. He often receives applause throughout his presentations and leaves audiences thoroughly entertained, enthused and exhausted!

The son of an acrobatic prawn farmer, Adam has become one of the world's leading independent filmmakers and 'clay' animators. His story and journey of how he won his Academy Award is one of the most funny and inspiring rags to riches presentations you will ever hear. He eclipsed three of Hollywood's giants - Disney, Pixar and Fox studios, to win his Oscar - a classic David and Goliath scenario where Adam triumphed and in front of one billion people, gave his hilarious and moving Oscar Speech. His slide-show and anecdotes about what happened afterwards and his encounters with Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg and other Hollywood icons will keep your audiences enthralled and captivated.

Dedicated to his artform, Adam spent years animating blobs of plasticine in a run down storage unit in searing summer heat. Far from the glamour of Hollywood, his plasticine would often melt and he would be forced to work in his underpants. Despite running out of money and ending up on the dole, he was determined to finish HARVIE KRUMPET and with conviction, persistence and passion, took on the Hollywood studios and won - proving that small businesses can take on the big guys and that with the right mind-set, anything is possible.

His five animated films are sophisticated and bittersweet tales for mature audiences, voiced by some of the world's biggest stars including Geoffrey Rush, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Humphries and Eric Bana. They have been viewed by millions of people and have won over 100 awards and have participated in over a staggering 600 film festivals. His last film, 'Mary and Max' starring Toni Collette, won a string of awards and was the only Australian Film to ever open Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival. His films have inspired many and have a cult following. They have been turned into books, plays and 'Mary and Max' is even currently being developed into a Broadway Musical. Adam was the Young Achiever of the Year for Victoria and is now an official voting member for the Annual Academy Awards. (TM) 'Mary and Max' is now officially one of the highest rated animated films of all time and in-between his speaking commitments, Adam is currently developing his next plasticine epic. 

He tailors his keynotes for all sorts of groups and has a wonderful collection of glowing testimonials. 

Adam's Presentations Can Cover the following Themes and Ideas :

Classic rags to riches story
Overcoming and defying the odds
Self Motivation, self esteem, self belief
Discovering your creative juices - the importance of creativity
Competing as a small business against the giants
Competing internationally and globally
The power and importance of storytelling in our culture, businesses and community
The power and importance of being unique and thinking differently
Trusting your instincts, bravery and the importance of inspiring others
Realising your potential and keeping it real
The importance of mentors and sharing the love
The importance of teamwork, good staff and support
'Life is not a Dress Rehearsal'
'It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys'
Realising and seizing opportunities
Avoiding the tall poppy syndrome but staying patriotic
The beauty and benefit of being Australian - why he 'chooses' to stay in Australia
Dealing with fame and celebrity and avoiding its pitfalls
Secrets to success : there are none, just hard work and determination
Fulfillment, job satisfaction and finding happiness in the simple things


Adam was extremely entertaining and humorous... the audience's feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and he has no doubt inspired and motivated those who were lucky enough to see him to pursue their passion.
- Apple Inc Australia

Is there a higher grade than excellent? Adam was absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with. He was inspiring, funny, down to earth and even stayed after the presentation to take photos with the guests - that was an unexpected surprise and bonus.
- Tattersalls

Excellent! Absolutely sensational, the best so far in 12 years of running our conference. Every delegate was blown away by Adam's story and the way he presented it.
- Rainmaker Information

I believe Adam was the best speaker we have ever had at our Graduation Ceremony. He took the audience through the process of the Academy Awards, as if we were there with him. His humour was contagious. Thank you Adam!
- M.E.G.T.

Adam is absolutely delightful - we couldn't wipe the smiles from the delegates' faces.
- Australian Funeral Directors Association

After being involved in many conferences as a delegate and organiser I have been exposed to many high profile speakers all around the world but Adam was head and shoulders above them all. One speaker that I highly recommend to anyone.
- National Association of Australian University Colleges

Adam was an absolute delight. His talk engaged our people and was a source of humour and inspiration. His speech capped off a three day program and really brought it all into perspective and ensured the audience left on a high.
- Commonwealth Bank

Adam Elliot speaker

Speaker Video

Showreel - Adam Elliot

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