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Dr Amantha Imber is an innovation psychologist, bestselling author, and founder of an award-winning innovation consultancy. She gives her audiences practical, science-based tools that they can use to immediately get their brain unstuck, get creative juices flowing and uncover great ideas that will lead to business growth - all delivered in a way that engages, educates, and is often, downright quirky.

Unlike many self-proclaimed 'experts' in the creativity and innovation arena, Amantha has both the science (a PhD in organisational psychology) and the clients (including Coca-Cola, LEGO, AMEX, Medibank Private, Red Bull, Deloitte, Vodafone, National Australia Bank, McDonalds and Westpac) to back her up. She has spoken in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the United States, and Europe helping turn people into innovation dynamos.
Amantha is a regular media commentator on creativity and innovation and is the co-creator of the BRW Most Innovative Companies list. She is the author of 'The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically proven creativity boosters for work and for life', and has helped literally thousands of people solve problems more creatively and as a result, bring better innovations to market.

Amantha had an international record deal for her debut album Like Samantha without the S, prays to the God of Kevin Spacey and claims to have once been freakishly good at table tennis.

Keynote topics

Innovation Survivor: How to outthink, outsmart and outlast your competitors

It is our ability to generate breakthrough ideas to business challenges and opportunities that is what literally enables us to outthink, outsmart and outlast our competitors. Amantha will take you through the latest scientific findings in relation to what really drives highly inventive and intelligent thinking.

You will walk away with a set of practical tools that you can use on your own and with your team to outthink the competition.

outcomes: attendees will leave with:

  • a set of practical tools to drive breakthrough thinking
  • the skills to literally outthink and outlast competitors
  • tools that can easily be communicated to their teams and others within the organisation to help spread the innovation virus quickly and effectively.

suited for: audiences who recognise that it is our ability to outthink our competitors that is what makes us outlast our competitors.

Innovation Accelerator: How to turbo-charge and lead innovation.

Innovation is what provides organisations with a competitive advantage, not only through bringing to market profitable new products and services, but also through having more engaged employees, efficient processes that save companies millions of dollars, and through being an aspirational workplace - one that people are queuing up to get into.

Amantha will take you through the latest scientific findings into what leaders can do to successfully drive innovation - and what they need to avoid doing at all costs.

outcomes: attendees will leave with an understanding of how to:

  • accelerate organisational growth using science-based innovation
  • decrease failure rates and increase profitability of ideas being brought to market.
  • practical tools to unlock breakthrough thinking from anyone
  • the key behaviours leaders need to possess to motivate employees to innovate.

suited for: leaders who want to build a culture that inspires inventiveness and a business that grows profit and productivity through innovation.

Get Unstuck: How to unstick your thinking to stand out from the pack.

There is an old saying that says ?if you always do what you always did, you?ll always get what you always got?. If you are a sales person in today?s ultra competitive climate, if you keep doing what you always did, you will probably start to go backwards.

Amantha will cover some very practical techniques on how to differentiate yourself during the sales process using innovation tools, in order to convert more sales.

outcomes: attendees will leave with an understanding of how to:

  • how to stand out from the pack (even when selling a commodity product)
  • make a lasting impression on new and existing customers
  • increase conversion rates through thinking differently
  • turn rejections into opportunities to make lasting impressions.

suited for: While this course has been designed for sales teams from all industries, it is especially suited to those who are selling a commodity product, those who feel stuck in their current ways of doing things, teams that have limited influence on actual product/service innovation, and those that want to ramp up their sales process and increase conversions.

Facilitated Innovation Lab

Amantha will facilitate a one hour to one day Idea Lab at your conference. Using scientifically proven innovation tools, Amantha will get your attendees generating breakthrough ideas on how a relevant challenge or problem can be solved.

Delegates will not only be exposed to cutting-edge creativity enhancing tools, but will also generate a stack of great ideas. And they will have a lot of fun doing it.

outcomes: attendees will leave with

  • a stack of breakthrough solutions for a key business challenge
  • exposure to several science-based innovation tools that they can continue to use back in the workplace
  • a sense that their ideas and thinking matter and are valued by the organisation

suited for: organisations that need an injection of breakthrough thinking in their event or have a key challenge they want attendees collaborating to solve.


Amantha blew me away. She was quirky, engaging, energetic, energising and incredibly insightful. Amantha is one of those great educators who does not teach things, she helps people to discover things.
- Executive General Manager Sales & Service, Medibank Private

Amantha is a person who makes a lasting impression and changes people's lives. She combines her deep expertise with an exceptional gift to teach and inspire. She teaches the most complex science in a way that makes it seem simple, easy and very do-able.
- Director of Innovation, Communication & Collaboration, AMP

Amantha provides her audience with strategies that are directly translatable into practice - no small feat given the phobias and anxieties that a large number of people experience when reflecting upon their own personal levels of creativity. I recently invited Amantha Imber to present both a keynote address and a workshop at a conference for Tasmanian teachers. Amantha’s keynote was exceptional and profoundly moving for me as a person and as an educator. The conference has since proven to be something of a hit. The ‘secret weapon’, in my opinion, was Amantha Imber!
- Conference Producer, Vocational and Applied Learning.

Amantha is not only a wonderful person to deal with, she is creative, organised and so clearly in her element when presenting on stage. Amantha spoke at our Businesswomen's Breakfast Series event in Sydney and the entire audience were both engaged and enthralled during her talk. We all came away with useful and valuable information that was immediately applicable to our careers. I am looking forward to the Melbourne presentation and recommend Amantha to others seeking a dynamic speaker or innovation consultant without hesitation.
- Founder, Network Central.

Amantha Imber speaker

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