Billy Tucker is the Owner of data consultancy 57 Signals, Co-Founder of Beyond Cover and Founder of MD Yabbit.  The pursuit of great service has peppered Billy's career.  MD Yabbit is Billy's 20 years of service focus, business acumen and online knowledge rolled into one neat solution for SME's, providing transformative insights to all business owners who care enough to listen and who are brave enough to take action.

Previously, Billy was the CEO of Cudo Australia, one of Australia's leading Group Buying businesses in the burgeoning social commerce space  and a Joint Venture between Nine Entertainment Co. and Microsoft.

Prior to founding Cudo, Billy worked for Microsoft where he helped launch the Xbox business in London, before leading the Bing Search business across Asia.

Most recently Billy ran consumer strategy and business development for Microsoft here in Australia.

Billy served on the board of the Australian Internet Industry Association and is a Special Adviser to ICOMP, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace.

Keynote presentation:

57 Signals

Every business, offline or on, generously receives up to 57 Signals from a prospective client at the point they touch your business, those signals are there to be read and understood allowing your offering to be optimised in real time - maximising the likelihood of purchase.

Find and adjust to just 5 Signals for short term gain, build a strategy to address all 57 to change your business altogether.

Finding and exploiting these signals contributed greatly to the success at Cudo, Tucker helps retailers across multiple industries about finding this kind of value from their existing data.

Additional keynotes:

  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Helping big business realise their inner entrepreneur
  • Debunking Online
  • Social Media, and why it's probably useless for your business
  • The future of Online, preparing for the next five years


Having been exposed to Billy's work at Cudo, the professionalism he portrayed and loyalty he implemented for Cudo and the team at Winegrowers Direct was incredible to say the very least. When I heard of 57 Signals and further more Billy was the Founder I had no hesitation of grabbing Billy and harvesting his extensive knowledge of Ecommerce and implementing strategies and opportunities for our growing business. I thoroughly recommend Billy to any Ecommerce business looking to take it to the next level, Billy Tucker is your man.
- Joint Founder & Owner, Winegrowers Direct

Billy Tucker speaker

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