You can instantly tell when someone speaks through the lens of experience. International Business guru Bob Pritchard is one of those voices. Behind the list of achievements, campaigns, launches, ventures and client recommendations you will find a passionate individual. An Australian who has impacted thousands of individuals and businesses around the globe.

Bob has an incredible willingness and capacity to share everything he has learnt. From three generations of family in one room to international success Bob is a unique achiever. He consults on 5 Continents and is the only Australian to win International Marketer of the Year. He has been featured on 60 minutes and is a contributor to business magazines around the world. The Bob Pritchard Radio Show' airs every Tuesday on the VoiceAmerica Business channel which features interviews with the world's leading business people.

Bob knows how to communicate with clarity within all levels of business. He speaks with clients from the outset to make sure every presentation is individually crafted, researched and on completely on brief. Addressing teams on leadership, business, marketing, motivation, customer service, teamwork, adding value, eCommerce, CRM. Bob knows how to comfortably challenge an audience, motivate them and delivers with a dynamic, entertaining and interactive style. He is well known for giving practical take-away value that can be directly implemented. Audiences walk away with the knowledge they can make a difference in their business immediately. He has made over 1500 presentations in 53 countries including 91 Fortune 500 clients.

Bob has 5 international bestselling books, his latest "Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets - How to Blitz Your Competition" has been released globally to outstanding reviews. He is a Director on 6 boards including the Advisory board for the Harvard Incubators group. In a marketing capacity he has launched a wide range of products around the globe. President of the Sales and Marketing Institute of America. He has many business successes such as creating a customer relationship service program for a travel company that generated a $105 Million profit turn around on the first 12 months. His corporate clients include: Coca-Cola (tie ins to 16 countries) Microsoft, AT&T, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Citibank, Astra-Zeneca, Morgan Stanley, 3M, Mercedes Benz, Deloitte Touche, Shell Petroleum.

Bob works globally and has homes in Australia and US.   Meaning you have access to an international speaker on your doorstep.  Bob generally travels ex Sydney (for Australian clients and ex Los Angeles (for US). As each presentation is specially created for your event, there are no 'standard' presentations. The following topics are therefore listed as a guide.  Contact the team at Ovations for Bob's schedule or a tailored proposal.

A Winning Mind set

A challenging presentation on leadership, corporate culture, management, teamwork, individual responsibility, commitment and going the extra mile by working smarter, not harder.

The Challenge of Change

How to address the need to change across every aspect of business

When, Why and How to Use 'New Media' the elephant in the room!
Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Tagged, Ning, You Tube - The secrets revealed. This presentation cuts through the mystery in plain, simple English.

It's Not the Size of the Budget, It's the Size of the Idea
Innovation, creativity and differentiation separates success from failure. Dramatically increase ROI with big ideas, increase effectiveness and market penetration by out-thinking your competitors, not out-spending them.

15 Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets
Bob's famous keynote, applauded by 100 Fortune 500 companies
The simple secrets in Management, Marketing and Advertising (new and traditional) which guarantee success in today's global, highly competitive, new technology marketplace.

Differentiate and Win!
Without a strong differential you are just another donkey in the paddock
How you differentiate from competitors even if your product is identical. Gain Brand Equity; stand out from the crowd, increase market penetration, customer loyalty and ROI.

How to Blow Away Your Competition -it's Easy!
Simple secrets to leaving your competition in your wake -guaranteed

Branding is Dead - Brand Equity is Critical to Success
Brand Awareness is of no value- it is your equity that drives sales and ROI. Today you must build Brand Equity that speaks emotionally to the customer, identifies you with them and clearly differentiates you from the competition. Bob will show you how to build a dynamic Brand.

Teams Win - Individuals Can Cause Everyone to Lose
Bob has had great experience with the effectiveness of great teamwork with not only his corporate clients, but also his sport clients who include Formula One, Oakland Raiders, America's Cup, World Series Cricket and many more. Bob provides a very pointed but highly entertaining look at the similarity between teamwork in sport and business.

Turn Green into GOLD!
Use the Green revolution to sustain, grow and increase profitability in your business -effortlessly and practically.


Better than excellent, the perfect speaker for a marketing audience. Inspirational, absolutely superb.
- Sun Microsystems

Most successful business speaker ever. Dynamic, motivating. Sound business advice.
- Beverly Hills Country Club

Best speaker we have ever had at a conference.

Huge success, dynamic to say the least. You captured the mood perfectly. Very beneficial and entertaining.
- Morgan Stanley

First class, inspiring, education and motivational.
- 2M Invest

You received unanimous 'best session' score from a demanding audience.
- Scottish Equitable

Gutsy, stimulating, entertaining and innovative.
- Alcatal

Your rich and varied experience showed as you inspired a riveted audience.
- Confectionary Manufacturers

Dynamic, challenging, well informed and well prepared. We needed a dose of Bob Pritchard style reality.
- Sponsorship Unit

World class, you empowered our audience, educated and entertained them, left them speechless.
- Mars Venus Institute

You inspired us to address the rapid marketplace change and, more importantly, showed us how.
- Lucent Technologies

Bob recently presented to ING's top 200 global executives in Hong Kong and gave them a jolt of energy they will never forget! His passion, drive and lust for life combined with his incredible global marketing experience created a very powerful impact. I would highly recommend Bob to any organization with customers
- ING Real Estate Investment Management, The Hague , The Netherlands

Bob Pritchard delivers an extremely thoughtful message about the need to rethink marketing for the modern world. That he does in such an entertaining manner perfectly illustrates his central message of the need to deliver awesome customer experiences. Bob truly lives this dream.
- ING Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I would like to say thankyou and congratulations on your recent speech during Wizards of Oz tour at the Hilton Hotel. My staff were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the event and would definitely attend again. The relevant marketing information was truly astonishing and I especially enjoyed the story about crossover marketing using SMS and Radio.
- Managing Director, Asia Pacific, STS

Perfect for a sales conference - thought provoking
- Macquarie Bank

Powerful, opened my mind to how important keeping up to date with current business & marketing trends is.
- Engineers Australia

Delegate feedback confirmed the Dubai October 2013 Members’ Conference to be the Liquor Marketing Group’s most successful overseas event to date. This was due in large part to the passionate and highly energised key note address delivered by Bob Pritchard, who had the audience transfixed from his opening comments right through to the close. Bob is a true professional, and would be a quality addition to any speaker program in need of energy, enthusiasm, and thought provoking impact.

Bob Pritchard speaker

Speaker Video

Bob Pritchard
Bob Pritchard Showreel
Bob Pritchard - 5 Minutes with O
Bob Pritchard: Marketing... Sales... Vision...

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