Julie Cross’ qualifications and expertise stems from an early start in the workforce and through gaining a diploma from the university of “real life”.  Julie has taken responsibility for her own personal development while coping with personal and professional challenges, many of which she shares during her powerful and moving presentations.

Julie has 17 years’ speaking experience.  Having kick-started her working life as a hairdresser in her teens, Julie’s strength has always been motivating and inspiring staff (and talking – a lot, and fast!).

After completing an apprenticeship in the hairdressing industry, Julie quickly moved into management and leadership roles, and thanks to her gift for communicating and empowering others, into sales and training.  It was in the capacity as trainer that she discovered her passion and natural talent for speaking.  So with a dream in her head and a passion in her heart she started her own business.

Today, Julie is one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers thanks to her unique style and commitment to empowering her audiences.  Her speaking business has continued to grow due to referrals, while her personal life has offered many immense challenges and opportunities for growth. It is this ‘real life’ experience that forms a foundation of an authentic and relatable massage – one that only Julie could deliver.


1. The Inspirational and Entertaining ‘Show’
Julie’s ‘show’ format is perfect for any event opening or closing, or for a keynote address as it’s energising and inspiring! Delegates will be entertained by Julie’s sparkle and will be encouraged to make a shift in their thinking.

2. Women Making It Work
It’s no secret that while Julie appeals to both male and female audiences, she has a special ability to connect with women. This presentation / workshop has been created for female-dominated workplaces / team environments to empower women to individually honour themselves, respect themselves and love themselves.

3. Reconnection with Resilience and Responsibility
Julie Cross has brought resilience and responsibility back into fashion! She takes what can be a confronting message and delivers it in an inspirational and entertaining style, which has been proven to create internal shifts in audience members / delegates, and also create quantum shifts in team morale and productivity.


1.  Service with Attitude!
An inspiring and informative presentation or workshop for all people in the business of serving, whether that is serving within the organisation to other team members or serving externally to customers and clients.

2. Teaming up for Success
This presentation / workshop was designed for environments where teamwork is crucial to success.  The audience or group will be inspired by Julie’s message that we are lifted to success by those around us, whether that’s our team mate, our leaders, our clients or even our family.



Future of Leadership 2018


How she become a speaker


Why does your team need to hear from a inspirational motivational speaker


Julie has presented a number of presentations for us, the feedback we have received is always overwhelmingly positive, her presentations are always energising, engaging and thought provoking and she has the ability to engage the audience keeping them on the edge of their seats. She presented ideas and information that clients could take back and implement into their own business and lives. She has left her mark on the hearts and minds of all that attended.
- Proctor and Gamble, Australia

I highly recommend Julie as an MC or ‘Key Note’ Speaker. She brings fun along with a serious message. Julie not only delivered her demanding role as MC in a very professional manner coupled with appropriate humour, she also gave an outstanding performance in her ‘Key Note’ presentation on ‘Customer Service’.
- Conference Chair, Franchise Council of Australia

As a Sales Manager in the hairdressing industry, I have had the opportunity to work with many speakers as a resource to educate and motivate my sales team, my customers, and myself over a period of 15 years. It has been my role to source and employ a variety of skilled guest artists but there has been none, thus far, that have surpassed the demand that Julie Cross generates for ongoing repeat performances from our clients and customers. Julie has presented at different venues nationally and has presented on a variety of topics from personal motivation through to client service.
- Juuce, Australia

We have had the pleasure of utilising Julie’s services at our Annual Area Managers Conference. Julie’s presentation was informative, funny but serious, entertaining and inspirational. What we have been most impressed with is that the team still utilise the tools Julie gave them to continue to reinvent and reconnect with the message. That is great Return on Investment for us!
- Good Start Childcare

We all found Julie to be one of the most professional and entertaining speakers we have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time. Her innovative presentation and training techniques have made our ‘tired’ teams sparkle and we all look forward to seeing Julie on regular basis.
- King Furniture

Creative Memories had the absolute pleasure of engaging Julie Cross to be our Keynote Speaker at our Annual Conference. Julie was inspiring, dynamic, and entertaining for the full 90 minutes that she was on stage. Julie’s ability to partner with our organisation, and to identify our needs was evident in her tailored presentation. Julie took the time to understand our business and to indentify and link our objectives within her presentation. Julie received a well deserved standing ovation and I would strongly recommend her. I know that many delegates have discovered their inner ‘sparkle’ and have taken action!
- Creative Memories

Julie Cross speaker

Speaker Video

Future of Leadership 2018
Julie Cross: Demo Reel

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