As an Australian sporting legend, Katrina Webb in no stranger to a gold medal podium or a star-lit stage. She has received awards and medals most athletes only dream about. Despite this success, her journey hasn’t always been easy. Born into a family of sporting stars, it was no surprise that a young Katrina Webb was born with natural athleticism. By the age of eighteen, she had already secured a netball scholarship at The Australian Institute of Sport. What she didn’t realise at this time was that her sporting career was about to take an unexpected turn.

During training at the Institute of Sport, Katrina was informed that she had a weakness in her right-hand side, which turned out to be a case of Cerebral Palsy. Katrina’s ability to pursue netball at a national level was

now in jeopardy. Despite this, a twist of fate presented a previously unseen opportunity. Katrina was now eligible for the Paralympic games. Her weakness had become her greatest strength.

Over the years Katrina had tried to conceal her disability, so making the decision to compete at the very public Paralympics was not easy. In time, she realized that through self-acceptance and determination she could tackle her disability head on. This decision paid off when she won two Gold medals, and a Silver medal in Atlanta 1996 and at Sydney 2000 went on to win a Silver and Bronze medal.

While the Sydney Paralympics were successful for Katrina, her competitive spirit still left her with a desire to win Gold again. She knew that to do this she needed to take ‘conscious action’ and become a ‘Gold’ level performer in every aspect of her life. In the four years between the Sydney and Athens Paralympics, Katrina mastered the alchemy of performance with a clear focus on understanding mindset, and the results speak for themselves. At Athens in 2004 she won another Gold Medal in the 400-metre sprint and set a new Paralympic record.

Today, Katrina’s running career is in the past, but her passion for helping others perform at their best continues to be her greatest inspiration. Katrina is the founding Director of Silver 2 Gold High-Performance

Solutions, and as a professional speaker she has impressed audiences at an International level. This includes speaking at the United Nations International Year of Sport in New York 2006.

Due to her own experience in dealing with a disability and a desire to help others, Katrina is a passionate humanitarian. She is currently an ambassador for Childreach in Nepal who devises programmes for the Health, Education and Protection of children. In this role, she has formed strategic partnerships with various Australian organisations collectively raising over

$20,000 to support aid in the wake of the devastating Nepalese earthquake in April 2015.


Topic 1: 'Running on No Matter What!' - Overcoming obstacles and making it happen.

This motivational and inspiring session focuses on taking responsibility, having a positive mind set and staying motivated when dealing with change and obstacles.

Topic 2: Turning Silver to Gold - Creating a winning performance

Focus on the three key areas of 1.Sustaining optimal energy levels in the workplace 2. Increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and teams, and 3. The power of the mind, overcoming obstacles and learning from the minds of elite athletes, this proactive and informative session will help you discover strategies to create a gold performance time and time again.

Topic 3: Creating a Positive and Healthy Team

This informative session focuses on providing tools and strategies for achieving healthy and peak performing teams to deliver organisational outcomes.

Topic 4: Living Balance

To be truly successful, we need to learn the skill of juggling our career, family and personal well-being. This proactive and interactive session will provide strategies to increase energy and efficiency levels without burning the candle at both ends!

Topic 5: It's great to be different - Love your uniqueness and celebrate it!

An inspiring and memorable session for senior and junior school students that provides unique strategies to optimise performance and opportunities at school and beyond.

Topic 6 : The Alchemy of Performance

In this presentation, participants will learn how to manage priorities, so that time is spent on achieving desired results rather than trying to multitask a meaningless to do list. They will be able to recognize the importance of mental and emotional fitness, as well gaining insights into the physiology of high performance. This presentation is action based, full of tools to facilitate the necessary change required to perform at a ‘gold level’ standard. The Alchemy of Performance is a holistic approach to performance, whichencompasses the mental, emotional and physical aspects our lives, leading to success

Hosting and Emceeing

Katrina is also available to host/emcee your next event or conference.


Thank you for your time, your advice and your experience. I have gained so much simply from listening to your story and am excited about the way forward. I am looking toward a more focused, streamlined life where I can achieve all of my dreams, no matter what they are! Thank you for all that you have given me and please know that I consider myself extremely fortunate that your invitation to speak at this conference did not fit into the 'no' category!
- Authorised Persons' Association Conference

Katrina delivered inspiration to all those who attended the launch of Small Business Month. Not only did Katrina relate her story to the key messages that the event aimed to deliver, but also provided the audience with several positive messages that they were able to relate to and implement both professionally and personally, especially in challenging times. Katrina is a true professional who is of great value to anyone wanting to inspire and motivate an audience.
- Department of Trade & Economic Development

The absolute best presenter I have heard. She captivated the audience. Valuable tips that I can actually complement in my personal and professional life. Wonderful. I loved it. Katrina is an amazing person. Inspirational, excellent speaker and presenter.
- CPA Australia

Our team were very receptive towards Katrina and eager to listen to her speak. Our team greatly appreciated the opportunity to listen to Katrina's story and advice on leadership and the importance of values. All feedback was positive and enthusiastic.
- Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Shores

Thank you and I really enjoyed working with you as well. The events at Cardiff Castle for the announcement of the Australian Flag Bearer and the Live London Dream Rio event at Australia House were hugely successful. The success was mainly due to you adding such a personal touch to the formalities which created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The pleasure was all ours.
- Anthony Bastic Director

Katrina Webb speaker

Speaker Video

The Alchemy of Performance

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