Max Hitchins, the boomerang man, is Australia's foremost expert on motivation, marketing and management in the hospitality industry. His learning curve in the hospitality industry began at the age of 17 when he was pitched into running a heavily indebted family hotel because of the untimely death of his father.

With clever thinking and well ahead of his years, Max strata titled the property and quadrupled its value.

He now owns and operates hotels and taverns in Australia and also acts as a consultant and adviser to hospitality businesses throughout the world. His Internet site welcomes in excess of 100,000 visitors per year. His weekly E-mails "Dr Max's Secrets, Tips, Tonics, Remedies, Scams and Medicines" are received by thousands of hospitality people around the world. He is a prolific writer of hospitality based books including "Hands on Hospitality", "365 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry", "Max's 11 Marketing Commandments" and "105 Explosive Marketing Ideas for Gaming Operators".

He is a past Australian President of the National Speakers Association of Australia; has shared marketing ideas with audiences in Las Vegas, Washington, Orlando, Dallas, Honolulu, St Louis, Minneapolis, Tampa, Nadi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, India and throughout Australia. He is a pilot, a pianist and the only professional speaker in the world who throws a boomerang over the heads of convention audiences to demonstrate his boomerang marketing principle of "What you send out - comes back."

Max also speaks on The Internet, Improving your Memory and The Melbourne Cup

Some of his clients include:
Loftleider Hotel - Iceland
Level 7 Club, Washington
Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai
Asian Business Press - Singapore
Furama Hotel - Los Angeles
Hilton Hotel - Bangkok
National Restaurant Association USA
Sheraton Hotel - Honolulu
New Zealand Hotels Association
Australian Hotels Association - NSW
AHA - Queensland
Registered Clubs Assoc NSW
Licensed Clubs Association ACT
Queensland Liquor Distributors
Tourism Training Australia
Tasmanian Convention Bureau
Moree Council
Tourism Mid-North Coast
Theo's Liquor Markets


...You really seem to be able to turn around a group of professionals and make them think completely different about doing business and to stand out once and for all.
- General Manager, Hanoi Horison Hotel

Your seminars in Brunei were outstanding. Thank you for sharing so many tourism ideas as well as ideas to improve our personal skills. I am so eager to learn more things from you in the future via your weekly e-mails. It is a great and lifetime pleasure knowing you.
- Sales/Admin Exec Brunei/Borneo - Royal Brunei Ailines

Your medicines are marvellous, Dr Max! Our day with you at Dural was fantastic. Our management team has now returned to the hotel and they have a new lease of life and are full of enthusiasm - thanks to you. I am looking forward to our follow up sessions with you.
- F ' B Manager - ANA Hotel, Sydney

Thanks for the excellent marketing sessions you gave in Seattle. It was an excellent seminar and the ideas you offered gave me a new and different perspective about the whole issue of marketing my Restaurant'.
- Jennifer's Restaurant - Fairbanks, Alaska

Thanks for the marketing session you did in St Louis Missouri in May. I have already implemented some of your ideas and will be using more of them over the next few months. I found it most helpful that the ideas you presented would either fit into our existing system or would not disrupt the systems we have in place. In the words of West Texans "You done good!
- T ' S Eateries - New Mexico USA

Thank you Max for sharing the principles from your 'Hospitality Jungle' book with our team here at Jumierah Beach. As you know our hotel was selected as the #1 Hotel in the world. Our creed is to continually strive to improve...continually strive to give better service to our guests. Your book is helping us do that as we have adopted and adapted many of the ideas you share in the book.
- Hotel Manager - Jumierah Beach Hotel

Max - Thanks for the "Hospitality Jungle' sessions you did for my team here at the Sunway Hotel. The results have been FANTASTIC!
- General Manager - Sunway Hotel - Hanoi

Thankyou for the outstanding and most interesting and entertaining workshop you did for our department heads and staff. The fifty attendees in each of the sessions you did gained many ideas and much enthusiasm. I hope our paths cross again soon
- General Manager - Bangkok Hilton

I want to thank you for the two most wonderful, inspiring and stimulating days you spent with us at the annual Swiss Belhotel General Managers Conference in Bali. You managed to 'turn around' a group of professionals and make them think completely differently about doing business. You helped us realize how much there is to learn - particularly about e-mails the Internet and database marketing
- General Manager - Hanoi Horison Hotel

It was our pleasure to have you onboard RBA - literally and figuratively speaking! We have had wonderful feedback from our staff after you visited Brunei. I really like you weekly e-mails and have suggested to the staff they should subscribe.
- Asst Dir Admin Personal Services - Royal Brunei Airlines

Dear Hospitality Doctor - Congratulations and thank you on you amazing presentations to the General Managers of Swiss Belhotel International when we assembled recently in Bali. You created an incredible feeling of 'teamwork' and made us a cohesive force as we prepare to enter the 'new age' of hotel business. We look forward to you leading us through next year's GM's confernece in China
- President - Swiss Belhotel International

Max Hitchins speaker

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