Nick is the Global Head of Technology & Innovation for Norton Rose Fulbright, a professional services firm with over 7,000 employees. Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot. Separate to Norton Rose Fulbright, he is the founder of Australia’s leading online legal service, LawPath which has over 100,000 users. 

He is a director of: ASX300 software company, Integrated Research; global genomics leader, the Garvan Foundation; as well as the Vodafone Foundation and the Sydney Film Festival. He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books Digital Disruption in Australia and Big Data, Big Responsibilities.

He founded and then sold Japan’s first English language comedy venue, The Tokyo Comedy Store and produced the mockumentary Searching for Alison Porchnik featuring Woody Allen.

Nick speaks at over 40 events globally each year bringing his unique blend of hands-on insight and humour to audiences

Speaking topics

WTF!! What the Future – for you and your organisation

The speed of change for businesses is frenetic with new competitive threats, changing customer dynamics and workforce challenges.

Businesses must continually reinvent in order to survive and prosper in this new world. It is up to everyone to understand how they can engage with and benefit from the megatrends affecting their industry and their lives.

In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover:

  • How to make the six Megatrends your friends, to have a better career and life
  • What are the main Megatrends that will impact your industry
  • Which technologies will transform your industry. Looking at AI, Data, Blockchain, Cyber, Robotics, IOT, X-Reality, Lo-code and more
  • Case studies that show all organisations can innovate, regardless of age, industry or risk-appetite
  • Proven strategies for enhancing the speed and efficiency of successfully responding to change and competitive threats

FutureProof: The Six Skills You Need to Thrive in an Uncertain Future

The old paradigms for workforce skills do not hold up in the new world. They are no longer valid.

For example, we love to employ people with good experience but the reality is that past success is not a guarantee of future success, other skills may be required. Another is the slur “Jack of all trades, master of none”. In the modern workplace it is clear that multi-skilled people outperform specialists.

The world of business is changing at an exponential rate. Everyone in our workforce needs to have the skills to respond quickly and effectively to those changes.

In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover:

  • Wrestling with the skills connundrum, why the skills we value today may not be the skills we need for tomorrow’s business
  • The six skills required for future proofing your organisation and your career – and no one asks about them in job interviews
  • Case studies showing the clear benefit of the six skills
  • How to implement successful strategies to maximise your contribution in the workplace
  • How you can create your own unique selling proposition
  • Why Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many other successful people believe in the “5 Hour Rule” and how it can impact your life and work

Dare to Lead Innovative Teams

Every organisation has to innovative or perish. We are told to “act like a startup”. But that is a big ask for a mature business with long standing employees, practices and risk-appetites. It is simply not possible to be something you are not – but it is possible with the right leadership to drive an innovation culture to the very heart of your organisation.

Everyone in the organisation needs to be on the innovation journey. Put simply, innovation is just looking for ways to help other people do things better – whether it be helping our customers, our co-workers or our stakeholders. Innovation is not magic or luck – there are clear processes that all organisations can implement to guarantee a positive outcome from all innovation projects.

Bring an energy to the organisation by providing an authentic platform for people to change the business for the better.

In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover:

  • The five deadly sins of innovation: guaranteed to fail - every time
  • A tried and tested framework for driving innovation in a large organisation: guaranteed to have positive results – every time
  • How to drive Team engagement and massively improve culture and morale
  • Case studies showing successful innovation leadership

Data, Trust & the New Rules for Customer Experience

It is said “Data is the new oil” because it is such a valuable commodity. The analogy can then be extended that data, if mishandled, can become toxic.

More data has been created in the last 2 years than in the history of humanity so far – and the pace of creation is accelerating. The opportunities for organisations using this information is immense but there is a trust line which consumers do not want organisations to cross. The Cambridge Analytica case showed Facebook very clearly where that line is. Could your organisation have a Cambridge Analytica moment?

Today it is a battle to have the most frictionless customer experience. Data enables such an experience but can you go too far. Where is the trust line? It is not set out in any laws. Is it ethics or something else? Important questions for any leaders in your organisation as well as anyone working on the customer experience or your data strategy.

In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover:

  • Big Data, Big Responsibilities - The four immutable rules of customer data use
  • Case studies showcasing best practice in establishing a data-driven, frictionless, customer experience
  • Making the jump to seeing data as a strategic asset
  • Why you may get caught by the algorithm backlash as people tire of the bubble

Cyber-Security (for NRF clients)

What are your obligations with respect to cyber security and what to do to prepare for a breach and what to do if you do get breached.

Event Emcee


Nick has an insiders understanding of the world of technology and innovation. His speech was funny, fast-paced and insightful as well as being motivating for our people. Happy to recommend Nick.
Gary Wingrove, CEO, KPMG

Nick's insights have been invaluable to our business and to our customers. Nick has facilitated a number of round table events that we've hosted for our key customers, and his incredible knowledge together with his wit, charm and experience has resulted in high-quality engagements. I would highly recommend Nick as a speaker or round table facilitator.
Kira Bomberg, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Mimecast

Nick Abrahams speaker

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