The Power of Possibilities Speaker Showcase - Series four: Forge

Forge Speaker Showcase


Velia Nicholls

Find Your Brave

Velia is one of the most entertaining speakers and MCs you will ever meet. She is real! She makes an immediate and lasting impression. Velia provides practical and proven solutions that make a difference. She expertly combines laughter and learning to gain audience participation and connect with people of all ages.

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John Buchanan

If better is Possible

Leadership requires vision, yet that vision must be grounded in what is happening today. Because without dealing with today successfully, then the leader and possibly the business do not get to play in the future. John Buchanan explores this concept from his time as Head Coach of one of the most successful sporting teams in history, The Australian Cricket team 1999-2007 and provides 4 key ways for leaders to put this message into action in any business.

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Cathy Burke

Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, live, and work differently

Too often we lead out - worrying about what people think, reacting to conditions we can't control, and feeling like we are always on the back foot. To lead in - bringing awareness to our mindsets, beliefs, and what is actually important - is a critical leadership focus necessary to achieve results in a challenging and changing world.

Cathy Burke shares how mindsets can be used to elevate your leadership, increase your impact and free you from old stories that hold you back.

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