Transform & Thrive Speaker Showcase Highlights

We aimed to ignite the spark for change. Eight speakers shared how we can focus on what we can control to transform our behaviours and methods, and provide you with the tools to tackle the new business world head-on. This showcase was made up of industry experts and speakers who unlocked the small changes we can all make each day to thrive in these challenging times.

Evolve Your Workplace Culture… Pronto

After so much upheaval and disruption it is no wonder so many organisations went into ‘survival mode’. It is time to prepare for the future. Time to dust off the organisational ‘values’, refocus and take your culture to the next level with Karen’s proven SmartCulture® strategies.


How Future Ready Leaders Build Resilient Teams

Are we connected? Do we have a shared future? Are we safe? These 3 qualities are central to better team performance in a volatile world. A future ready leader’s #1 priority is to build more caring and resilient teams, who enjoy growing together.


Leading A Multi Generational Team Delivering The Customer Experience Journey

In a multi-generational workplace, connecting, engaging and leading a team that is united, delivering a consistent superior service experience is a key challenge to the customers of today who span six generations.


Program Cruise. Bump. Pivot. Repeat…Forever

We live and work in a multiverse. Business is now an aggregation of physical & digital spaces connected by tech without regard to geographic boundaries.


Thriving In The Digital Age

Dr Kristy Goodwin helps organisations understand why employee efficiency and wellbeing are being compromised by digital technologies (that were ironically designed to bolster workplace productivity and performance). 


Ignite Your Influence: Master your credibility so that when you speak, others take notice

Our new ways of working have reinforced that it’s critical for leaders to be credible, influential communicators.


Contribute Something Great

With so many challenges in the world, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated and wonder: what difference can I make? You don’t need to create a startup unicorn, win Olympic gold or climb Mt Everest, because Phil outlines the 3 ingredients for contributing something great!


Courageous Self-Leadership During Times Of Change

This self-leadership presentation is designed to give you the courage to lead a large organisation, a team of remote workers, a small business or even a volunteer group during times of change. 


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