David Thomas informs and empowers organisations of all sizes to profit from the mega-business-potential of Brazil, Russia, India and in particular China. As we enter the first half of ‘The Asian Century’, it’s becoming ever clearer that Australia’s prosperity will no longer be tied to our western counterparts, but in the developing nations that David Thomas specialises in understanding. Having managed his own financial services firm in China for over 25 years and as the host of regular business delegations to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations, David is perhaps the most knowledgeable consultant and speaker on trade and global financial trends in Australia today.

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His knowledge and willingness to open doors for us proved invaluable. We also had David…

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David is a great speaker, communicator and facilitator and I have no hesitation in…

CEO - Kockums Bulk Systems
David spoke at our Directors Conference in Hong Kong in June this year. The presentation… CEO of Jellis Craig

Summit highlight: thought-provoking, entertaining and with some real substance. You even…

Publishing Director, Business Advantage International Pty Ltd

David's career has taken him around the globe from Europe, Asia to Australia. He managed his own financial services business in Hong Kong where he gained unique insight into the changing landscape of the Asia Pacific Region. He is very well respected for his views on the BRICs - Brazil, Russia, India and is an absolute authority on China. Constantly travelling, David hosts business delegations to each of the BRIC countries. As the Chairman of the Australasian Financial Forum he also leads an annual mission to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong. All of which gives David a perfect platform to stay current and report on relevant future trends, which he then tailors to suit the industry and interests of his clients.

David extends his experience, credibility and passion for building and facilitating investment relationships around the globe. As a Business Futurist and Thought Leader in his area, companies locally and globally look to him in a consulting capacity, to speak or facilitate panels and discussions. His unique ‘on the ground’ market experience and unpaalleled research gives David a distinct and rare value which he brings to every keynote; weaving personal stories, case studies and cultural lessons into highly entertaining and informative sessions. Clients quite often comment on his clarity and ability to keep audiences fully engaged and informed.

Whether it's a round table discussion or a large conference David designs sessions for any audience size. Ovations know from working closely with David how committed he is to researching each client's event and customising the right content. From first-hand experience we can assure you his focus will be 100% on your presentation and delivering valuable insight.  He is wonderful professional to work with and will consult with you personally. David is available and happy to speak with you to discuss how he can tailor for your group and industry. 

David looks to provide audiences with:

  • Insight into how and where to do business offshore
  • Motivation to generate revenue streams and higher profits from emerging markets
  • Ideas and inspiration to attract new customers from new offshore markets
  • Tools and know-how to manage cross-cultural challenges

There is no one better informed to teach entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders how to surf where the next big waves of trade and investment are. Please contact the team at Ovations for help.

Speaking Topics

The Building BRICs of The Future

The four BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) present exciting and diverse opportunities as well as challenges for businesses across the globe. But how much do you know about the huge potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China?

With an abundance of land, people and capital and a rapidly growing number of wealthy aspirational consumers BRIC economies are the emerging markets of the future. The MINT countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) are hot on their heels.

David’s presentation answers the important question: How can you surf where the big waves are?

  • Learn the five irreversible global trends that are setting a new direction for all businesses and economies in the future
  • Why the BRICs are the economic powerhouses of the future
  • Discover how your business and industry can overcome challenges to profit from these emerging markets

Dynasty of a Billion Consumers

The whole world is watching China. No other country in the region is set to experience such dramatic economic growth in middle class consumption and the focus on new industries, innovation and outbound investment is creating opportunities, challenges and risks for companies.

What does this mean for you and your business? How are you affected? What are the opportunities and threats as you consider China's key priorities for the future.

Key takeaways include:

  • China’s key priorities for the future: Going Out, Going West and Going Green
  • Why every business needs a China Strategy
  • Discover why companies succeed and fail and how to position your business and industry to profit in the Asian Century.

Capitalise on Chinese Investment

We live in the Asian Century. As the only western country in the Asia Pacific region, Australia is uniquely positioned to capitalise on China’s ‘Going Out’ investment strategy. Paired with an inter-generational report that would see Australia’s population double by the year 2050, it’s easy to see that China’s role in the future our domestic markets, industries and society is significant to say the least.

China is 'Going Out' worldwide. But how do organisations secure Chinese investment? And where do we find investors in the first place?

In this keynote, David will empower businesses with the tools to build strong and binding investment relationships with Chinese investors, as they begin to move much of their almost $65 billion away from mining into other sectors of the Australian economy (a trend now echoed across the globe). As China diversify their investments; moving out into the world to secure their supply chain and build their innovation capabilities – how is your business positioned to be a part of the next wave of investment opportunities?

  • Understand the changing nature of China’s outbound investment – new industries, new people, new cities 
  • Learn how to position yourself and your business for a Chinese investor
  • Cultural tools to build strong and binding investment relationships with Chinese investors

Invest in China’s Transformation: Cities, Industries, Innovation

The amazing transformation of China's economy includes the dramatic growth of its middle class by more than 1 billion people by the year 2030.

At the same time we are seeing a geographical shift in economic activity from the Eastern seaboard into the inner west region and cities. With some of these hubs economic activity showing now signs of slowing, the future of business is West.

The significant shift and focus on new industries, green energy and innovation capabilities render China open to inbound investment.

So what and where are these incredible opportunities for foreign investment?

David gives savvy businesses his insider insights and clues as to where business in China is heading. You'll learn:

    • The changing nature of China’s inbound investment – new industries, new people, new cities
    • Which second and third tier cities are looking for opportunities to engage with your brand and business
    • Cultural tools to build strong and binding investment relationships

Australia and China have laid the foundations of a long-lasting relationship, but the incoming Year of the Monkey brings some exciting developments which will inject energy and dynamism, write David Thomas and Katya Dobinson from Think Global Consulting.

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David Thomas reports on a Chinese government initiative that forms the basis of its new foreign policy, prioritises infrastructure development and tries to ensure that all roads will lead to China in AB+F Magazine.

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David Thomas' presence in China as a BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economics expert is on the rise! Recently featured in both print and online versions of China Daily, one of the most widely-read newsprints in the world, David is an authority on the relationships Australian businesses will need to build to grow into the Asian Century.

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Brett King, Breaking Banks

It's three fantastic speakers in one radio show!

Anders Sorman-Nilsson and David Thomas join Brett King on his Breaking Banks radio show discussing the future of digital innovation. Listen now:

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A massive thank you to you both for all your assistance from selecting to co-ordinating the speakers for our annual ProLoan conference. Feedback was that this year’s speakers where the best they had EVER heard at ANY event. So this is pretty amazing, because they do go to a lot of sessions like these.

Director of Network Relationships - Proloan (aust) pty ltd

Again this year you and your team have been fantastic and extremely helpful.  In regards to you, you have been an absolute star and phenomenal help with our speakers and presenters, a great communicator, wealth of knowledge and so prompt with responding and looking at ways to cater to our needs.

Event Manager Fitness Australia

I would recommend, without hesitation, the services of Jane Rowland Smith and Ovations. Jane answered a last minute call to arrange a guest speaker for our principals. Nothing was too much effort, all was arranged within hours, and went very smoothly. The guest speaker was exactly what we required and our brief was followed. Thank you Jane and the team at Ovations.

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All aspects of the process has always gone seamlessly with Ovations and we will continue to seek your assistance for the awards in the coming years.

Thank you again, your help has meant that our Awards are very professional and extremely well received by our members and guests.

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Jane, I personally want to thank you for all of your support, advice, patience and all round kindness that you have given me over the last 3 or so years.  This event would not have been as successful without the valuable MC’s you have recommended and the support you provided me when it all just seemed too hard

Shona Dilley – Smart School Awards, Department of Education
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