In a volatile and uncertain world, only two predictions can be made with any confidence. Firstly, China’s economy will double in size in the next 10 years and, secondly, China’s middle class will double from 300m to at least 600m people by 2030. These two facts alone place China firmly in the driving seat of global growth in the next decade, an opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders which can’t be ignored.

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David Thomas - Speaker on BRIC China and Emerging Markets

David Thomas - Speaker on BRIC China and Emerging Markets


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With unprecedented economic growth over the past decade, the extraordinary rise of China is well under way. Chinese influence on how business gets done will continue to disrupt many industries, and the next decade will be pivotal to all western organisations seeking new opportunities for growth. China represents a unique opportunity to the rest of the world driving wealth and prosperity across the globe, and simply cannot be ignored. How will you and your organisation embrace a view to China?

David Thomas has carved out a reputation as a global thought leader, influencer and game changer who inspires business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors all over the world to open their minds to the business opportunity that is China. David recalls his first trip to Hong Kong at only 18 years of age when he visited the Chinese border at Lowu and took in his first view of a country that would define his life's work. Little did he know at that time that China would become one the world’s economic super-powers.

David’s extensive career has led him to work and live in London, Asia and Sydney. He managed his own financial services company in Hong Kong, and as result, gained first hand insights into the rapidly changing markets within the Asia Pacific Region. Along with the rise of China and India, David also maintains a keen interest in the fast growing economies of Latin America and Eastern Europe driven by a passion to empower others with insights into the influence of the four "BRIC countries" (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Today, David is the Founder and CEO of Think Global Consulting. Think Global facilitates business and investment partnerships between developed and emerging markets, particularly in China. In essence, David is a bridge-builder providing a solid foundation for the west to do business with China in the Asia Pacific and all over the world.

Over the past 15 years, David has led and organised many missions, study tours and business delegations to China which, in addition to enhancing his reputation and standing within the region, have provided him with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the trends that are redefining business between China and the rest of the world. This experience further solidifies David's credibility and mastery as an expert on China for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors looking for success in a new and abundant marketplace.

As a speaker and thought leader, David is a charismatic and warm presenter with a unique ability to demystify a country that has long been hidden to the western world. He is bold in questioning the myths that many people in the west have about embracing a view to China, and at the same time empowers audiences with clear take-aways enabling them to successfully see this opportunity for what it is.

This is undoubtedly a time where opportunity awaits for those brave enough to question belief systems, to embrace cross-cultural communication and to lead in a world that will increasingly be under the influence of an unstoppable Chinese market. All you need to do is take a new view to China.


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China is at the heart of the next global economy yet there are a group of nations who, along with China, are positioning themselves for global domination. The ‘BRIC’ Nations include Brazil, Russia, India and China. These vast and growing nations collectively have ownership of an abundance of land, people and capital. All key economic inputs to drive prosperity today and into the future. How will you as a business leader, entrepreneur or investor respond to this unique opportunity to engage with a global market that has already taken flight?

In this powerful and thought-provoking presentation David Thomas presents unique insights, data and perspectives showcasing the emergence of the BRIC Nations as the main drivers of urbanisation, consumption, innovation, aspiration and globalisation. He will also identify key opportunities for organisations looking to break through local markets to establish new global business networks and markets.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a view to the unique business opportunities found within the BRIC Nations. David will empower them with the tools and strategies to lead, influence and drive global business opportunities that are timely, relevant and ripe for entry into new markets.

Key Outcomes:

  • Future Trends
  • Leadership
  • Business Innovation
  • Next Economies
  • Globalisation


In the same way that IQ and EQ are key indicators of performance and productivity, ‘CQ’ or Cultural Intelligence is a measure of an organisation’s ability to play and succeed in a global market. In the modern world, IQ is high, and EQ is on the rise, however, CQ has been left behind with many people in the west afraid to embrace a view to China. When was the last time you asked for feedback from a Chinese colleague about how your business is responding to the rise of China?

In this presentation, David Thomas presents his ideas on the significance of building organisational cultural intelligence with a view to China. China is everywhere and the businesses that can elevate and amplify local Chinese teams in order to understand Chinese clients, staff and investors will be an on a runway to success in the next decade. Fundamentally 'CQ' is the art of understanding key differences in culture in order to build a bridge and develop cohesive working relationships that break down barriers of belief systems, culture, and/or language.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with insights and tools that will enable them to build new cultures and structures that elevate and amplify the Chinese presence within their organisations, in order to adapt and meet the needs of the emerging Chinese market.

Key Outcomes

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Cross-Cultural Communication tools
  • Leadership


In the Asian Century, taking a view to China will be non-negotiable for any leader looking to disrupt, innovate and grow their market share. The reality is that China’s transformation has only just begun, and will only gain further momentum in the future. The question for leaders in the west to answer is whether they choose to react to the influence of China, or instead choose to create a new leadership strategy that harnesses this influence as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

In this presentation, David Thomas presents his insights on some of the common challenges faced by leaders looking to embrace and activate a view to China. Creating a culture which is responsive to the Chinese market starts at the top. Having the ability to challenge belief systems, in addition to developing China centric organisational cultures, will be critical to your success. Will you choose to be a leader who supports and elevates Chinese staff and clients, or are you blind in your view to China?

Leaders will walk away from this presentation with a tool kit empowering them to audit their own leadership ability with regards to navigating a new economy redefined by the influence of China. A leader’s responsibility is to embrace culture, communication, and a strategy that amplifies business growth, and taking a view to China should be at the heart of any forward thinking leadership strategy.

Key Outcomes

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Cultural Awareness


We have now entered a time that has already been defined by the rise of China, not only in Asia but also in the western world. With rapid economic growth, industrialisation and the emergence of a new Middle Class, the people of China are now seeking investment and business opportunities around the world. The problem is that many people in the west are missing out on this wave due to a combination of fear, misunderstanding and a lack of cultural IQ. If business leaders can embrace a view to China, then they will also be embracing an opportunity for business growth and expansion, both now and in the future.

In this presentation, David Thomas presents global trends and data pointing towards a new economy that will be shaped by Chinese investment and influence. China has the money and the market to create new challenges and opportunities for all businesses. Cross Cultural barriers, outdated views with regards to globalisation and a fear of the unknown is preventing business leaders from surfing a new and disruptive wave in international business. David Thomas dispels these common myths and presents the case that taking a view to China will determine the wealth and success of your business today and in years to come.

The audience will walk away with a fresh perspective on China from a cultural and business perspective. He gives audiences the tools to dispel myths about China that may be inhibiting them from taking action. He also provides clear steps and action for any organisation looking to raise their cultural IQ and seize an undeniable opportunity to gain access to a new and explosive market which is changing the shape of the global economy.

Key Outcomes

  • Future Trends
  • Leadership
  • Business Innovation
  • Next Economy

In today’s fast paced world of instant communication, short deadlines, e-mail, text, online chat, social media, speed networking and deal-making, I think we can all agree that the old fashioned art of relationship-building has been somewhat diminished in its importance, if not lost altogether?

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Australia and China have laid the foundations of a long-lasting relationship, but the incoming Year of the Monkey brings some exciting developments which will inject energy and dynamism, write David Thomas and Katya Dobinson from Think Global Consulting.

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David Thomas reports on a Chinese government initiative that forms the basis of its new foreign policy, prioritises infrastructure development and tries to ensure that all roads will lead to China in AB+F Magazine.

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David Thomas' presence in China as a BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economics expert is on the rise! Recently featured in both print and online versions of China Daily, one of the most widely-read newsprints in the world, David is an authority on the relationships Australian businesses will need to build to grow into the Asian Century.

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Anders Sorman-Nilsson and David Thomas join Brett King on his Breaking Banks radio show discussing the future of digital innovation. Listen now:

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