Jane Lu

Jane Lu is the dynamic CEO and Founder of Showpo, a global fashion brand that has won the loyalty of millions. Her entrepreneurial journey is a powerful story of overcoming adversity and following one's dreams. In 2010, Jane found herself burdened with debt, dealing with a failed business, and unemployed. Despite these hurdles, she was determined to succeed. Jane took the bold step of quitting her corporate job, secretly, and pretended to her parents that she was still working as an accountant while she poured her energy into building her new business. Today, thirteen years later, Showpo is renowned for its stylish, affordable clothing and its mission to empower women globally.

In addition to her success with Showpo, Jane Lu is a prominent influencer and sought-after keynote speaker. She has made numerous media appearances and regularly speaks at events both in Australia and internationally. Jane is a passionate advocate for the startup community and currently appears on Shark Tank Australia, where she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs from across the nation. Her dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting women in business is unwavering. Jane emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and pursuing one's unique path with confidence. In 2015, she co-founded Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, a community for female entrepreneurs that has grown to over 175,000 members.

Known as The Lazy CEO on social media, Jane's philosophy is to work smarter, not harder. This aligns with Bill Gates' idea that a lazy person will find the easiest way to do a hard job. As an inspirational figure for budding entrepreneurs worldwide, Jane speaks on a variety of topics, including the creation of Showpo, fashion and e-commerce trends, brand building in the digital era, social media marketing, and the resilience needed to overcome failures. Her forward-thinking views on the future of retail and commitment to inclusivity in fashion and business make her an influential and motivational leader in today's entrepreneurial world.

Speaking topics

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Building Showpo from Scratch
  • Fashion and E-commerce Trends
  • Building a Brand in the Digital Age
  • Women in Business and Leadership
  • Innovation in E-commerce
  • Social Media Marketing Success
  • Overcoming Failure and Resilience
  • Future of Retail and E-commerce
  • Inclusivity in Fashion and Business
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