Liesl is a global expert in Artificial Intelligence. Having worked in the field for over two decades. Rather than merely discussing AI, she has a history of constructing and expanding large-scale AI systems, facilitating millions of interactions. With a proven track record as a pioneer, founder, and CEO in the field, Liesl possesses profound, practical expertise. Instead of simply instilling fear about AI, she offers a detailed view of its inner workings, providing insights on managing it and strategies to thrive in the emerging AI-dominated world.

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SingularityU Australia Summit | Liesl Yearsley

SingularityU Australia Summit | Liesl Yearsley


Liesl is an engaging and charismatic speaker with in-depth knowledge on a range of subjects from entrepreneurship and business to IT, energy and finance. Good-humoured and engaging with practical and pertinent information and advice.


Lisel is an inspiring speaker and we received strong positive feedback about Liesl from our attendees. Liesl's advice resonated particularly well with young entrepreneurs and individuals interested in starting their own businesses. Liesl's engaging presentation style was well suited to the young professional audience in attendance. We would be delighted to have Liesl back to present again.

PWC Australia

As MC at the Young IT Conference, I watched as Liesl Capper captivated and inspired her audience. A highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, I believe Liesl is the ideal role model for young professionals wishing to excel in their careers. I am now much better prepared to start my own company and have a very clear understanding that my personal brand counts - at all times.


Great presentation - great to listen to a futurist that doesn't sound like a science fiction author

Gold Coast CB

Very interesting presentation, very stimulating and thought-provoking

Queensland Health

Liesl Yearsley is a recognized global expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with over two decades of hands-on experience. Rather than merely discussing AI, she has a track record of building and scaling extensive AI systems that have facilitated tens of millions of interactions.

Currently, Liesl serves as the founder and CEO of aKin, a Generative AI enterprise whose clientele includes prestigious organizations like NASA. As a wave 3 AI entity, akin to chatGPT3 and antropic, aKin operates as a public benefit AI with its proprietary foundation model. It is designed to tackle intricate problems, demonstrating profound empathy and understanding. The applications of aKin extend to sectors such as healthcare, space, research, and even as a personal AI for daily life.

Prior to her work with aKin, Yearsley was the CEO and co-founder of Cognea, an AI platform that deployed advanced AI analytics and virtual agents across complex domains like finance, health, and technology. At the time of its acquisition by IBM, Cognea had an impressive footprint with 26,000 developers and six Fortune 100 companies utilizing its technology. The diverse user base included major banks, top American insurance companies, media firms like Fairfax, and tech giants such as IBM and HP.

Liesl led another venture as the CEO and founder of an AI-powered search engine that she successfully listed on the ASX.

As a technical founder with four patents to her name, Yearsley offers profound and pragmatic expertise in her domain. Her approach goes beyond inducing fear about AI; instead, she provides a comprehensive understanding of AI's inner workings, its potential applications, and strategies to stay ahead in the forthcoming AI-centric world.

Speaking Topics

Ethics and AI

As AI outpaces regulation, what are the key considerations, and what are the big things we are missing? As a leading pioneer and hands-on developer in this space as well as a successful entrepreneur, Leisel will break down how we got here and where we go from here.

AI - What’s now, and what’s next?

In this keynote, Liesl unpacks generative AI and explains how its short history is already changing the world - but that’s just the start. You will hear a non-technical explanation from one of Australia’s most experienced hands-on technicians and entrepreneurs. This session is tailored to each industry to specifically shows the fracture of life and business while cutting through the hype.

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