Matthew Johnstone was once just like you. A classic high achiever, perfectionist and workaholic. 15 years in the advertising industry brought Matthew to a cross-roads: continue on his unsustainable trajectory or make a radical change to focus on quality of life and wellbeing.

Matthew's new trajectory has made him the go-to speaker and consultant on improving personal and organisational wellbeing. His vast experience from both sides of the corporate divide gives substance to his simple strategies for improving mindsets, lifestyles and wellbeing in a way that can only benefit your business.

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Matthew Johnstone Young Minds

Matthew Johnstone Young Minds


How is he still alive? Lucky for us he is.  His beautiful illustrations & lovely…

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Awesome illustrations, loved the slides. Great for internal events – 'Leadership…

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Amazing life story, makes you really think about what you can & can’t control.  Great…

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Engaging & great motivational speaker.

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More than six million working days are lost each year to sickness, burnout and depression. Mental health issues alone cost the Australian economy $20 billion per year.

How productive could you be if your corporate DNA could be reshaped to avoid employee burnout? Is your business doing enough to reinforce positive psychology in the workplace? Is it possible to improve the mental resilience of your team?

These are the questions Matthew Johnstone has the answer to.

Matthew Johnstone has written, illustrated and photographed 8 books, 6 of which have been international best sellers. Hatthew is passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate he spends much of his time speaking to companies about their resilience and wellbeing. A a creative consultant for the Black Dog Institute, The Golden Door Elysia, Geelong Grammar, CommBank, Sydney Trainsand other major corporates. He develops and delivers illustrated programs on mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

Matthew created a video based on I Had a Black Dog for Mental Health Awareness Month, for the World HealthOrganisation. It is the most viewed video in the history of W.H.O and has had over 7 million views on Youtube.

Speaking internationally on the topic of resilience, Matthew helps individuals and companies improve personal and organisational wellbeing. Through his vast experience, research and unique storytelling ability, Matthew demonstrates simple strategies to manage mindsets, lifestyles and wellbeing.

As an experienced advertising professional, Matthew has both the communication skills and experience to address teams, managers and CEOs. It’s this experience that also underpins his enormous capacity for understanding a business inside and out. His relaxed, authentic style resonates with audiences and his presentations are designed to by dynamic, highly visual and engaging.

Matthew is the author and illustrator of five international bestsellers, including his renown work on overcoming depression, ‘I Had a Black Dog’.

If you’d like your team to communicate more openly and effectively, become more resilient, driven and productive, then Matthew Johnstone is the ideal speaker for your organisation.

Clients typically look to Matthew to help their people:

  • Communicate more openly and effectively both at home and work
  • To understand that good can come from adverse situations if we're prepared to learn from it
  • To strive towards living more authentically
  • To be more mindful, present and productive
  • To be inspired to create more purpose at home and work
  • To strive towards what makes them productive and happy

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Speaking Topics


Developing personal armour

It’s fair to say that we all set out in life with the hopeful expectation that everything will turn out OK, but life doesn’t always go to plan or play fair. It’s not to say that we should look at life with a sense of endless foreboding but more; we should greet each day as an opportunity. It’s about owning problems not your problems owning you. It’s about acknowledging what may not be working in your life, but putting your energies into what is. Do we stay down or do we get up again? Are we a victim or a survivor? Do we become stuck or do we grow and learn from an experience. The upbeat messages and imagery will resonate long after the talk is over.  


The A to Zen of Life

A is for Adventure, B is for Balance, C is for Compassion, D is for Daring and so forth. Just because we stop growing physically doesn’t mean we should stop growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is no twee expose’ on how to become 'happy' it's more about how we can learn to live life authentically. Be true to ourselves. Discover our greater purpose.

It's a creative, inspiring seminar on work, life, passion and balance. It raises important questions and offers some solid answers through simple wisdom.  


Being present, being in the moment, being in the NOW - all lovely, easy things to say but trickier to put into practice. This is because we humans aren’t very good at sitting with ourselves, our emotions and what ever might be going on.

If meditation and mindfulness were taught in businesses, schools and on the sporting field you’d see better results, greater productivity, more harmony and greater team dynamics. 

With simple meditation and mindfulness practices comes better moods, improved concentration, we can become more engaged with others, less stressed and most importantly be more in the moment.

This is a no nonsense, non cosmic, easy to understand guide to a more mindful and healthier life. Omwards and upwards!


This seminar is all about our mental health and what can happen if we don't look after it. It also covers how we can regain and build mental fortitude and toughness. This is an inspiring journey about what makes us tick and what can bring us undone. It’s full of hope, humour and guaranteed to start a 'mentally healthy' conversation. An absolute must for any company wishing to ensure their staff's wellbeing as well as looking after the bottom line.

Bestselling author, speaker and mental health and wellbeing advocate Matthew Johnstone has been invited to Geneva to deliver a keynote for the World Health Organisation.

Matthew, a survivor of the perfectionism and workaholic tendencies typical of the advertising industry he was once a part of, he is now a writer, illustrator and speaker. Four of his (self-illustrated) seven books have become international best sellers , these books help explain the fragility of mental health, how to develop resilience, mental fortitude and wellbeing. His first book, I Had a Black Dog, dealt with a subject so few of us are willing to discuss: depression.


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ABC News recently profiles Matthew Johnstone in the piece'Snap happy: bestselling author Matthew Johnstone finds peace through photography':

Much has been written about the elusive search for calm and happiness, and the latest offering comes from an author who says the best place to look might be through your camera's lens.

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