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Nick Abrahams - Showreel 2021

Nick Abrahams - Showreel 2021

Introduction to Nick Abrahams

Introduction to Nick Abrahams


Nick's insights have been invaluable to our business and to our customers. Nick has facilitated a number of round table events that we've hosted for our key customers, and his incredible knowledge together with his wit, charm and experience has resulted in high-quality engagements. I would highly recommend Nick as a speaker or round table facilitator.

Kira Bomberg, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Mimecast

Nick has an insiders understanding of the world of technology and innovation. His speech was funny, fast-paced and insightful as well as being motivating for our people. Happy to recommend Nick.

Gary Wingrove, CEO, KPMG

As the Global Head of Technology & Innovation for Norton Rose Fulbright, a professional services firm with over 7,000 employees, Nick Abrahams is at the front line of global business & innovation

Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot and was a category winner in the Financial Times Asia-Pac Innovator of the Year Awards in 2020. Separate to NRF, he is the founder of Australia’s leading online legal service, LawPath which has over 150,000 users and was recognised in the 2020 Deloitte Fast 50 as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. 

He is a director of: global genomics research leader, the Garvan Foundation; the Vodafone Foundation and the Sydney Film Festival. In December 2020 he stepped off the board of ASX300 software company, Integrated Research after six years.  He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books Digital Disruption in Australia and Big Data, Big Responsibilities.

Nick Abrahams is a futurist. But Nick’s real-world business experience makes him very different to other futurists. Nick doesn’t just read about trends, he lives them every day in his various roles. The knowledge he gains from being at the front line of global business means his presentations have a currency and a credibility that is hard to match.

Nick’s profile as a global executive, media commentator and author of two Amazon best-selling books on technology gives him the ability to engage not only a large conference audience but also to provide meaningful guidance to smaller leadership groups or boards. 

Whether it is an auditorium, board room or virtual event, Nick aims to:
Inform … people about what is happening in the real world
Equip ... each person with an action plan and, importantly
Entertain ... as we know learning works best when enjoyed.

Nick speaks at over 40 live/virtual events globally each year bringing his unique blend of hands-on insight and humour to audiences. 

Book Nick and Get Ready for Tomorrow...


Speaking Topics

Get Ready for Tomorrow

The Seven Key Trends Everyone Needs to Know

The speed of change for businesses is frenetic with new competitive threats, changing customer dynamics and workforce challenges. It is up to everyone in the organisation to understand how they can engage with and benefit from the demographic and tech trends affecting their industry and their lives.

In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover what leading global companies are doing in the following areas:

  • The 2020’s is the Decade of Data – it powers every business model
  • Artificial Intelligence is everywhere & it is time to get on-board
  • The shift to Work from Anywhere means you need to concentrate on the 4 C’s: Culture, Community, Communication & Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity – It is a war and you can win it – but not just with tech
  • Like it or not, Bitcoin, Crypto & Distributed Ledgers are impacting many industries
  • Radical Simplicity – Time to go Marie Kondo on your business processes
  • Prophetic Synthetics – Everything from food, art, influencers and cities – the real benefit of fake things

Get Ready for Tomorrow

The Future of Financial Services

The future of financial services will be driven by a mix of demographic and technology trends. Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z’s have little faith in the current banking system and no allegiances to the existing players – look no further than the rise of Buy-now/Pay-later & the corresponding drop in credit card usage.

All financial services companies must be “fintechs” to survive.

In this session, Nick will cover:

  • What Boomers, Gen X & Z and the Millennials want from financial services
  • The rise of digital currency. The surge in Bitcoin and the success of China’s Digital Yuan is just the beginning of seismic shift in currency & the decline of the US$ hegemony on international trade
  • Decentralised Finance is the most active sector of blockchain with more than US$8 Billion in DeFi smart contracts in 2020 and growing fast.
  • Future of payments systems, gateways and wallets
  • BigTech real threat as Amazon loans $3 Billion to its merchants
  • InsureTech goes vertical, growing even faster than fintech
  • Digital lethargy was penalised in 2020 so digital transformation of all aspects of the business is key for financial services
  • Customer engagement to be elevated by optimal mix of digital and human interaction + appropriate use of data
  • Financial “wellness” of the customer becomes key point of difference
  • Customers force fin services to be purpose driven

Cyber Boot Camp

Move your People from Awareness to Action

In 2020 cyber crime cost global businesses over $1 Trillion. The is an issue for everyone in the organisation not just the IT Department – but most employees don’t realise this. In this session Nick explains why cyber is an important issue for everyone and then gives every person their own action plan for how they can help. The aim is to move your people from being the weakest link in your cyber-defence to a key asset.

Nick has advised over 50 companies on how to prepare for and respond to cyber threats. Using many real-life examples, Nick provides insights to all members of the organisation on the key issues they need to know to protect the organisation, themselves and their families. All conveyed in non-technical language peppered with humour. Key takeaways include:

  • Why cyber security is the number one risk issue in most organisations
  • The Hacker’s Armoury Exposed: Five big cyber security threats & solutions
  • Many breaches could have been stopped easily by people outside the IT Department
  • How to instil a culture of security from the boardroom to the lunchroom
  • Not much left after identity theft – real stories that could have been prevented
  • Informed cynicism stops social-engineering attacks
  • What to do to protect yourself, your organisation and your family

Artificial Intelligence

It’s here & it’s a gamechanger but it has its problems

Artificial Intelligence has been around for over 70 years and yet it is only now truly making an impact. This is due to the amount of training data, the training methods and advances in hardware – all revolutionary in their own way.

Nick has been at the forefront of AI advances, both advising clients on AI but also as a user. Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot which generated considerable revenue and spawned a family of six similar bots globally.

In this casestudy-rich session, leaders will hear and see:

  • Which industries and companies are using AI effectively
  • The main use cases where AI is worth the investment
  • Why Natural Language Processing makes AI a worthwhile investment for applications like chatbots and sentiment analysis
  • Why AI exists in almost unregulated space but not for long
  • The dark side of AI is significant but can be avoided with careful process.

Leading Highly Effective Remote Teams

COVID changed the workplace forever. Research shows that more than 70% of employees want to work flexibly and when they do, they work an extra 36 minutes a day. It seems like a win-win – but unfortunately it is not that simple. Leading a team that is not co-located requires a lot of extra work but the results can be substantial.

Nick, has had a global role for many years and so has first-hand experience successfully leading remote teams. In this energetic, informative and entertaining session, leaders and leaders-to-be will take away the Four C’s of Success:

  • Culture – Become even more crucial with remote teams
  • Community – Building a community feel is easy in the office, harder with remote teams
  • Communication – Using every method possible from phone to social media and even old-fashioned post
  • Collaboration – Used well, tech can help collaboration at a distance.

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