Once the director of Australia’s largest advertising agency and responsible for iconic campaigns such as Pro Hart’s ‘Stainmaster Carpet’ and the ‘Not Happy Jan’ campaign, Penny’s vision is indelibly stamped into the DNA of Australian advertising.

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Speaker showreel

Online Speaker Showcase 2021 - Preview

Online Speaker Showcase 2021 - Preview


I always get one or two pieces of 'gold' from your sessions that change the way I think…

Assistant Director, Scheme Reform Communications and Engagement, National Disability Insurance Agency

I'm very intolerant of lightweight, "fluffy" speakers - so I was blown away by Penny's…

First Step Communications

Recently I had the pleasure to see Penny present a keynote presentation in front of a 100…

Making Training Work

Penny has superb skills as a facilitator, which was evident in the workshop she conducted…

Uniting Church in Australia Funds Management

In the hidden depths of the minds of people who panic buy toilet paper, there's 'something' compelling them that often even they don't understand. It's the same 'something' that leads people to choose unhealthy foods, despite the abundance of healthy choices. And why as a species, we flock to the worst of so-called reality TV, despite the movement to empower our population on equality and authenticity.

An astute and commercial driver of business growth, Penny Burke teaches leaders how to understand what makes people tick in order to get them to change. Penny started her life in advertising, working on famous and much-loved Australian advertising campaigns such as Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet ('Meester Hart, what a mess!') and 'Not Happy Jan'. Having successfully driven sales for many Australian brands Penny spent 15 years understanding what worked – and why.
Penny is an expert social researcher on understanding human behaviour. She blends statistics and demographics of the population with research and insight into behavioural science to explain why people do what they do. Knowing the demographics and statistics of the population is one thing – but understanding why and how to change their behaviour is another.

Penny is an expert consultant who speaks. Board member, researcher and author, she works every day with commercial clients and government at all levels to successfully change behaviour. Want to get more people transacting online? You need to change their behaviour. Want to get more people to vaccinate? You need to change their behaviour. Want to get your whole team motivated and heading in the right direction? You might need to change their behaviour!
If you're brave enough to revolutionise your market and workplace, then Penny's practical case studies, witty stories and proven research gathered directly from your field or industry will compel you, your buyers and your team to forge a brand new world of tomorrow.

Speaking Topics

Why condoms don't come in size SMALL

Harnessing the power of the emotional over the rational

When selling your product or service, the logical thing is to sell what makes your product different or unique, right? Well yes - but FIRST you have to understand who you are selling to, and how they currently behave. And because people aren't rational, it might just be that what you think is the best thing about your product - doesn't actually float the boat of your customers.

In this keynote Penny unpacks the science of behaviour change theory and helps you:

  • Understand the rational and functional characteristics of your audience - what they say they want
  • Identify how to unpack what really drives them
  • Learn the three key steps to getting someone to change their attitude and behaviour
  • Find sure-fire strategies you can use to inspire change in those around you

What Australia Thinks. How Australia Behaves

The big trends affecting how Australians live, work and play

COVID has changed virtually every aspect of the sales channel - from sourcing and manufacturing, to getting it on the ‘shelf' (virtual or physical). Perhaps the greatest area of change is connecting with customers in a changing marketplace. In this keynote, Penny unpacks the big trends that have come out of COVID that will affect your market, your industry and your employees. Penny tailors this keynote to your specific market or audience to help you identify:

  • How people's shopping and buyer behaviour has changed
  • What people will be looking for to satisfy their needs in the future
  • What this will means for you - how your business can better connect with customers of the future.

Different tomorrow than yesterday!

Don't settle for what you've always had - you can change the status quo

Peter Drucker was right when he said ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast' - but the real question is, how do you do it? And especially when your customers and workforce are more hybrid than ever before. If we want people to think or behave differently tomorrow than they did yesterday, then we need to understand how to engage them like never before. In this keynote Penny will share:

  • What the statistics and demographics tell us about how customers and workforce have changed
  • What people want from their workplaces - and how that has changed during COVID, and differs by age and stage of life!
  • How to inspire a workplace of inspiration and collaboration, even with remote and hybrid teams.

Do well, do good, do better

How the best brands are forging more meaningful relationships with their customers

The new shopper has never been so interested in the narrative of your brand. No longer content with satisficing, customers today demand transparency and understanding of what you stand for, what you believe in, and what you value. Any marketer that wants to grow needs to understand the new measuring stick - ensuring your brand lives up to your promise. In this keynote, Penny shared decades of experience with some of Australia's best-known brands to help audiences discover:

  • The new currency - what people are really looking for in the future
  • How the thirst to do good starts, and opportunities to help your organisation do better
  • The playbook to building genuine and authentic relationships with your customer that they value as much as you

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