Peter Williams is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in Innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation as well as how societal and technology changes will impact the future of industries.

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Speaker Showreel | Peter Williams

Speaker Showreel | Peter Williams

Peter Williams - Virtual Presentations

Peter Williams - Virtual Presentations


Your approach to leadership has been a constant source of inspiration and almost a benchmark as I search for my next project or workplace.

Murray // @Muzroyale

Loved Peter's presentation, funny and engaging. Easy to understand for someone not so tech savvy. Great presentation.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

Totally irreverent, very entertaining and humorous, however, amongst all of that, he had a great underlying message and some fantastic examples delivered in totally "non-geek" language.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

BRILLIANT, one of the best presentations. Real, down to earth, lots of take away information from a global and local perspective. AWESOME!!!

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association NSW/ACT Region

Pete has been working in innovation and digital since 1993. He started an eBuisness Consulting Group at Deloitte Melbourne in 1996 which evolved into Deloitte Digital in 2007, of which Pete was the founding CEO. Deloitte Digital now operates in more than 30 countries with 15,000 employees.

Pete was also the Chairman of the Deloitte Innovation Council for 14 years which enabled him to pursue his passion for creativity, design, technology and empowering people to explore the art of the possible. Pete’s work saw Deloitte become recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies, a legacy that continues to this day. Pete works part-time leading Deloitte Centre for the Edge, a futures think tank that explores the intersection of technology and society.

Pete has a commitment to giving back to the community. He has done extensive work in bushfire recovery in the aftermath of Black Saturday (2009) and Black Summer (2020), working on using digital technology to help advance education in Papua New Guinea, working with budding entrepreneurs in his role as an Adjunct Professor at RMIT and in his roles as a past board member of Circus Oz (Arts), The Reach Foundation (empowering young people) and his current role as a director of the Deloitte Foundation.

Pete has worked across the business spectrum with companies large and small, all layers of government and startups. Pete is also co-founder of Packform, a fast-growing start-up that is receiving local and global recognition as a disruptor.

Pete is an inspirational and dynamic speaker. He has the ability to take what seems complex and make it simple. He is a classic storyteller who shares many behind the scenes insights that help his audiences understand what it takes to tackle their most pressing challenges and provides practical steps that can be actioned immediately. Pete’s main point of difference is his real-world experience working at the frontline of innovation.

Pete is a versatile speaker and facilitator covering areas such as the future of industries, leadership, emerging technology and innovation.

Speaking Topics

Speaking topics include...

Keeping pace with Digital Innovation

  • Entering the Digital Golden Age
  • Applying a digital lens
  • Why transformations don’t work
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Experiments not business cases
  • Creating an adaptive technology environment
  • How to manage innovation
  • New ways of working
  • Building a high performing ecosystem
  • Learning faster to move faster
  • It is about Out think, Out Execute not Out Spend

Navigating The Future Business Landscape

  • How the digital world has changed the business landscape
  • The emerging roles and business models
  • Fragmentation and Consolidation, a self-supporting cycle
  • What will fragment and what will consolidate
  • How will players in the industry ecosystem interact and evolve
  • Winning Strategies to Position for the Future 

What is AI - Machines will Learn but What will we Teach Them?

  • Your everyday experience of AI
  • Types of AI and How it works?
  • The benefits of AI
  • The Dark side of AI
  • AI in decision making
  • The Inevitability of Bias
  • Is your data being used in ways you anticipated
  • The Creeped Out Consumer
  • The Regulators fight back
  • Keeping Humans in the Loop
  • Avoiding trouble

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