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Reanna helps organisations to get practical about the future of your industry - to anticipate change, navigate uncertainty and make more resilient people and workforce decisions in the present.

Reanna is an academically trained and practicing futurist, industry fellow, organisational designer, strategic workforce planner, start-up co-founder, keynote speaker and creative practitioner.

She is the founder of Work Futures - a global strategic foresight consultancy that helps organisations and workers 'unlearn the future', build foresight capability and get practical around the future in the present.

She works across a range of sectors including the futures of; work, tech, sport, engineering, banking, water, law, insurance, policing, unions, local government, public sector, engineering.

Reanna holds an MA in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University, a post-graduate qualification in Futures from the University of the Sunshine Coast, a BA in Business (HRM) and is a graduate of the Finland Futures Academy and the Shillington School of Graphic Design.

Reanna has also been recognised as one of the 'World's Top Female Futurists' by fellow practitioners.

Reanna helps organisations to get practical about the future of your industry - to anticipate change, navigate uncertainty and make more resilient people and workforce decisions in the present.

Speaking Topics

Futures topics

Reanna has delivered keynotes across the globe across a range of industries including sport, engineering, banking, water, law, insurance, law enforcement, technology, unions, public sector, education and engineering.

She is an expert speaker covering a variety of futures topics and domains including the futures of work, workers, sports and business.

'When we change the way, we think about the future we change the way we act in the present'. Reanna's combines her experience and education in futures studies to deliver one of a kind keynotes that help clients to 'unlearn' the way they think about the future in order to think differently about action in the present.

Futures topics include:

  • 'Unlearning the future' - new thinking for new times
  • The futures of work and workers
  • The futures of sport & athletes
  • Seeing around corners - how to anticipate change, navigate change and act with clarity in the present
  • How to disrupt short termism - new thinking and new approaches
  • Rethinking strategy and strategic planning
  • Rethinking strategic workforce planning
  • Rethinking HR - new thinking for new times
  • Futures thinking for Execs & Boards - new thinking for new (post-normal) times

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