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Professor Rocky Scopelliti

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World-renowned futurologist whose pioneering research on the confluence of demographic change and digital technology, has influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic and technological future.

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Speaker Showreel | Rocky Scopelliti

Speaker Showreel | Rocky Scopelliti


Rocky presented in an intelligent, informative and entertaining way that had the guests engaged, delivered purely online. A knowledgeable presenter who can make the future seem very exciting.

Australian Marketing Institute

Our annual Summit opened with the theme of how Millennials invested and spent money. Rocky Scopelliti was the obvious choice.

CEO Financial Services Council

Rocky has a great sense of the trends shaping the future and how they will impact businesses and society, and can translate that into simple language for anyone to understand.

David Carter – Chief Executive Officer

Rocky has a deep, globally-based understanding of the zeitgeist of the moment. He knows what to look for when separating important events from noise.

Chief Executive Officer Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerc

Listening to his speeches, Rocky makes you think - and think differently!

Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Group Executive ANZ

Rocky has the ability to translate technological change into insights for business and community leaders. Rocky is both a visionary and a change agent.

Chairman CSIRO

Rocky is one of the most insightful and well-considered analysts of what is happening around us now and what is around the corner. He champions the people around him with good ideas, sponsors emerging leaders and anyone around him who shares his core values of decency, integrity, commitment and quiet optimism.

Simon Spencer, Senior Executive, Industry Analyst, Strategist, CTO and host of the #1 online radio show across Asia – Breaking Banks

A rare breed of futurologist who is able to combine a very strong data-driven approach with an almost intuitive ability to be able to see things that others can’t that in many cases are right in front of them. Combine that with a powerful communication style and desire to genuinely help others and you have the perfect storm for being able to accurately predict and ultimately respond quickly to a very fast-changing environment. His insights and predictions for the next 10 years have never been…

Kerwin Rae, Chief Executive Officer

Rocky has always understood the deep impact that technology and innovation has on industries, and the way we live and work. He has the ability to translate technological change into insights for business and community leaders.

David Thodey - Chairman CSIRO

Rocky Scopelliti is a world-renowned futurologist whose purpose is to ‘create confidence in our future’. His pioneering behavioural economics research on the confluence of demographic change and digital technology, have influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic and technological future.

His new book 'Disruptive Decarbonisation - Australia’s technological race to net zero carbon emissions’ is the first major study of its type into how Australia’s industries, organisations and leaders can increase there capacity to adapt to a world in accelerated change. His other books include ‘Australia 2030! - Where the bloody hell are we?' a major study of Australian professionals attitudes toward the decade and Youthquake 4.0 - A Whole Generation and the New Industrial Revolution' which has been published in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean languages.

As a media commentator, his unique insights have featured on SKY Business News, The Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio National, The Economist, Forbes and Bloomberg. As an international key note speaker, his presentations have captivated audiences across Asia Pacific, the USA and Europe including Mobile World Congress. As a thought-leading Chief Juvenescence Officer, over 150 boards and leadership teams, including Fortune 100 corporations, each year seek his advice on strategy, emerging technologies and their future impact.

A distinguished author, his 18 research thought leadership research publications have become internationally recognised for their influence including the World Economic Forum’s Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services Program.

In an executive capacity, he is a member of the Optus Enterprise Leadership team as a Chief Scientist for Government where he leads the creation of world class thought-leadership and innovation to guide the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In a non-executive capacity, he is an Adjunct Professor (Industry) at the University of Technology Business School, a director on the board of Community First Credit Union, on the technology advisory board for REST Super and Wake by Reach and former board member of the Australian Payments Council.

Educated in Australia and trained in the USA at Sydney and Stanford Universities respectively, he has a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Management and an MBA. He is also a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Speaking Topics

Australia 2030

How do Australian professionals feel about the decade ahead?

Interested in ‘what’s on the other side’ and how Australian leaders and professionals feel about it.

This presentation uses the insights gained from the Australia 2030 Research centre on the eight megatrends and predictions about future tipping points that collectively will define Australia's political, economic, environmental, socially, and technological standing over the coming decade. 

This unique Australian first research involved 170 CEOs and Board Directors and some 700 Australian professionals who participated in the quantitative and qualitative study.

Rocky shares their political, environmental, regional, demographic, innovation and technological views about the decade ahead and how they believe it will impact Australia and the world. The research includes 37 predictions about what to expect this coming decade as the 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds and importantly, the tipping points or signposts to watch out for and what their impact will mean to you, your organisation, your industry. 

This presentation prepares leaders, professionals and industries for a post COVD-19 world. In this highly engaging presentation, audiences will gain insights into:

  • What issues are predicted to affect Australia and the world this coming decade and how do we feel about the impact of technological developments on our personal, professional and family lives.
  • What are the concerns about jobs, the workplace and who or ‘what’ are trusted most to control our best interests.
  • How demographic changes associated with the aging population and the rise of Millennials to be our leaders, impact the way we live, work and play.
  • Predictions and the ‘sign posts’ into the most disruptive emerging technologies this decade and how they will impact us.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – coming ready or not

This fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by emerging technology breakthroughs with potentially highly disruptive effects. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, virtual and mixed reality, 3D printing, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science, energy storage, blockchain, fifth generation mobile networks (5G), satellites, space technologies, quantum computing and many more. 

While our traditional linear view of the future may have served us well in the previous Industrial Revolutions, they are unreliable predictors of the future. We need new exponential thinking about the needs of societies, value creation, behaviour of markets, and economic performance or survival in the fourth Industrial Revolution. 

As technology is so intertwined with life now, this presentation will lift you out of your comfort zone and engage you on:

  • How emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, nanotechnology will fuse our digital, physical, environmental and biological worlds
  • The need to move away from ‘linear thinking’ to the new ‘systems leadership’ thinking - described as cultivating a shared vision for change, collaborating with all stakeholders of a global society, and executing to garner system benefits.
  • The new industries that will emerge this decade resulting from these major technological shifts and their impact on smart cities, future of work and life expectancy.
  • The skills revolution. As the 4th Industrial Revolution runs on knowledge, how we need a concurrent revolution in training and education.

Youthquake 4.0

A whole generation of youth and the new industrial revolution

Youth voice matters. Millennials and GenZ accounted for 33% of the global population in 2020, making them the largest demographic across the globe. Youth have now become a leading indicator for social, political, economic, cultural and technological development.

For political parties, their global voice will increasingly influence policy direction. For businesses, their value will influence economic performance. For employers, their technological proficiency will see the adoption of emerging disruptive technologies and work structures that fundamentally change our world at rates and scales of unprecedented levels. For society, their values and beliefs will influence our cultures. Audiences will discover how demographic change associated with youth and the fourth Industrial Revolution collectively influence the way we think about our future.

In this presentation audiences will learn:

  • How demographic disruption will impact the world, businesses, societies and financial markets around the world
  • How emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the hands of youth, will bring on change at unprecedented rates not experienced before
  • How capitalising on the significant representation of youth in a population, could possibly return to a nation, industry or organisation a demographic dividend.
  • The disruptive impact of a generation that is dematerialising physical goods into the digital on-demand world, disaggregating inefficient and costly processes separating them into frictionless experiences, and disintermediating by cutting out the non-value-adding middleman in their relationships

The New Economic Physics

7 Business Models that will rule this coming decade

Some of the most potent innovation taking place today do not involve breakthrough technologies, but rather the creation of fundamentally new business models. This presentation explores how the emerging technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution enable new business models to perform in ways that traditional models of the past, simply cannot achieve. This is the point upon which a traditional value creation system, becomes decoupled from its relationship to growth, supply of scare resources and time. That intersection is where disruption tipping points occur. This effect is what I refer to as the ‘new economic physics’ where our traditional notions of value creation through systems of production, distribution and scale are becoming decoupled through dematerialisation, disaggregation and disintermediation.

We are now seeing 7 emerging business models slated to redefine business over the next few decades. And today, while countless businesses are anchored by a mentality of maintaining - competing solely on operational execution - it is more vital than ever to leverage these business models for success in the 2020s.

In this presentation, your audience will learn to reset their traditional thinking by exploring:

  • The fourth Industrial Revolution: A world where neither age nor size or reputation guarantees you’ll be around tomorrow.
  • The DNA of what makes platform-based, data-intensive and capital-light business models and how your organisation can transform to compete 'exponentially'
  • Transforming to an Enterprise 4.0 – one that is platform-based, predictive, self-learning and self-adapting to its ecosystem intelligentially, autonomously and in a distributed manner
  • How the dematerialisation, demonetisation and democratisation of technologies will put powerful tools in the hands of individuals globally - where in the past they were reserved for major corporations

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