Scott Dutton (CSP) is the Conflict Whisperer and Fun Maker! Scott is the most engaging, insightful and fun keynote speaker / master trainer (virtual + F2F) in the global conflict resolution + communication arena.

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Virtual Showreel


Excellent, lots of fun, and very engaging!

Griffith University Law School

Loved Scott’s approach – so positive, funny and engaging!

Monash Business School

Brilliant, Entertaining, knowledgeable & informative

Department Of The Prime Minister And Cabinet

Raw, hilarious and absolutely compelling

Belle Property

Scott is in high demand as the ‘go to’ conflict + communication + culture expert for over 500 client organisations and 20,000+ professionals across all sectors. He is the Founder of Fighting Fair + Creator of Conflict Intelligence (CI) and is passionate about sharing insights, strategies and skills that will transform conflict into connection. Scott is all about creating an energising, interactive and empowering experience for the audience. Scott takes a serious subject like conflict and makes it fun!

Scott has studied Leadership + Negotiation at Harvard University and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Bachelor of Science (BSC. - Psych. Major). Scott is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is a member of the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA), the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and a practitioner member of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA).

Scott has also been awarded CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation - the highest international measure of speaking competence. He is accredited as one of Australia's top 100 certified speaking professionals by the PSA (Professional Speakers Association) and is recognised by the Global Speakers Federation as among the top 12% professionals.

When you book Scott as a speaker or trainer you can expect someone committed to your audience with a high level of engagement, content and delivery. Scott is known for providing insight, strategies and skills that will make a positive and immediate impact in the workplace. He makes his sessions an enjoyable and energising experience for those involved. Scott is well known for providing insight, strategies and skills that will make an impact with people and the workplace. 

Speaking Topics

Conflict Intelligence (CI)

Develop your conflict smarts

How tired are we of getting tangled up in that conflict web and repeating those same old conflict patterns? We are all aware of the cost of conflict not only in the workplace but also in our own personal lives. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to understand and transform conflict so we usually end up repeating the same mistakes – and that’s stressful.

Scott gets conflict and he is passionate about sharing the future of conflict - Conflict Intelligence®. CI is a new approach to conflict resolution that enables us to not only clearly identify conflict dynamics but also gives us the conflict IQ (insight, mindset + action) to consciously connect and build collaborative understanding with others.

Let’s get conflict smart!

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to get ahead of the curve and invite the new paradigm of conflict resolution - Conflict Intelligence (CI) - to build healthy, dynamic + sustainable relationships.
  • How to increase Conflict IQ (insight, mindset + action) via the CI model to realise next-level workplace communication.
  • How to avoid the 3 common conflict traps that fuel conflict, disconnect relationships and jeopardise our individual + organisational wellbeing.
  • How to practice the 5 CI conscious choices to successfully transform conflict into connection in both our personal and professional lives.

Audience members will leave this presentation with increased CI and the pathway for greater peace – both personally and professionally.

Difficult to Connected Conversations

DCs made easy

How much do we look forward to those difficult and necessary conversations? A DC is anything you find hard to talk about but know that you need to. The issue is often how to start those sensitive conversations that will invite open and constructive dialogue. When interactions become difficult, emotions can often escalate and communication can break down. We often fear having the difficult conversation as we are concerned that we may make the situation worse – so we may try to avoid it or if we know we have to have it, we may try and blunder through it.

Scott shares (with humour!) the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to successfully transform that conversation from difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) to connected + confident through a clear and concise 3-step process.

Let’s do that DC!

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to transform a difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) conversation to a connected + confident conversation.
  • How to develop a mindset with an intent that invites open and authentic communication.
  • How to practice a 3-step process that ensures the transformation of conflict into connection and the strengthening of relationship.
  • How to implement key strategies to deal with challenges while remaining mindfully centred within the chaos of conflict.

Audience members will leave this presentation with the essential insight and process to successfully transform difficult conversations into connected + confident conversations.

Mindful Team Culture (MTC)

Moving beyond complain + blame

What kind of conflict dynamic drives your team culture? Is it the ‘us vs them’ blame game, the gossip-monger, the pass-the-buck or the down-hearted + disengaged? Whichever, whatever, the ‘complain & blame’ conflict culture is destructive - impacting negatively on workplace wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Lightbulb (aha!) moment. It does not have to be that way. Flip that old conflict mindset and experience conflict as an incredible opportunity for positive transformation, insight and collaborative growth in your team. Truly, it’s all possible – if we approach conflict mindfully.

Scott understands the connection between mindfulness, conflict and team culture. He is passionate about sharing with us – Mindful Team Culture (MTC) - the practice of approaching conflict mindfully with the authentic intent of creating understanding, connection and transformation. With both great humour and insight, Scott reveals how the principles and process of Mindful Team Culture (MTC) will transform your team from conflicted to connected, disengaged to dynamic, problem-saturated to solution-focused.

Let’s get connected!

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to create a Mindful Team Culture (MTC) mindset that enables teams to move beyond a ‘complain and blame’ conflict culture to a next-level MTC whereby all team members choose to consciously invest and responsibly share in the co-creation of a healthy, empowered and sustainable culture.
  • How to identify potentially destructive conflict dynamics that threaten to derail the team culture + productivity with the early intervention MTC assessment tool.
  • How to implement the MTC blueprint to transform your team via a collaborative 4-step process that will invigorate team culture and create positive organisational change.
  • How to grow and sustain a next-level MTC by aligning (lived) purpose-values-behaviour and integrating ongoing inquiry to ensure team wellbeing + connectedness.

Audience members will leave this presentation with the essential insight, knowledge and process to move beyond the costs of toxic team dynamics to successfully create, build and sustain the benefits of a healthy, empowered and positive team culture.

Mindfulness + Wellbeing

Getting to happy

We all want to be happy - but how do we get there? How do we discover the pathway to sustainable inner peace + calm and escape the rollercoaster of pain + pleasure? How do we clear the habitual patterns of unhelpful thoughts, beliefs + behaviours inherent in our ‘old story’ and develop the essential awareness, understanding + know-how to create a happier and healthier life?

Scott – through personal + professional experience – understands the path to happiness. He shares (with authenticity + humour) the heart-opening and mind-clearing strategies to do so. Scott has travelled to India for over 20 years studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation. In addition, his background in social work + science further enables him to understand and share the psychology and physiology of the mind/ body connection that is necessary to create happiness + wellbeing in our personal and professional lives.

Let’s get happy!

In Scott’s inspiring, insightful and life-changing (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to define happiness and distinguish inner peace (+ calm) from the rollercoaster cycle of external pleasure (+ pain).
  • How to find our ‘centre’ via the ‘mind gym’ practice of mindful awareness in our daily (personal + professional) lives.
  • How to get to happy via the 3 Mindfulness + Wellbeing (M+W) keys and avoid the 3 traps that prevent our happiness
  • How to create or author a new personal ‘story’ (narrative) grounded by the practice of a ‘values culture’ of empathy + kindness.

Audience members will leave this presentation inspired + confident to live a happier life through awareness and understanding of the essential Mindfulness + Wellbeing (M+W) keys to happiness.

Training Topics

Conflict Intelligence + Mediation Skills

This 1-day workshop will assist leaders + staff to develop Conflict Intelligence® (CI) and explore the practical application of mediation skills in the workplace. Conflict Intelligence (CI) is a new innovation in the dispute resolution field that integrates the synergetic fields of Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology and Mindfulness. Conflict Intelligence is a simple, yet powerful, model that develops the awareness + insight + understanding that is necessary to transform conflict into connection. Mediation skills are the practical adjunct to the CI model as they enable the leader/ manager to practically assess + resolve workplace conflict through a 5-stage mediation process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define Conflict Intelligence® and recognise the core elements of CI.
  • Understand the importance of the 3 primary conflict dynamics and how to not get caught in conflict traps.
  • Recognise the emotional + physiological impact of conflict.
  • Understand how perceptual positions influence how conflict is viewed.
  • Gain greater insight into your relationship with conflict – including your conflict identity and conflict approach.
  • Gain greater insight into ‘the other’ in conflict – including the concept of curiosity and ‘the mediator mindset’.
  • Identify when mediation is an appropriate ADR process to use.
  • Understand the underlying concepts and principles of the mediation process.
  • Demonstrate the skills involved in the 5-stage mediation process.

Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

This 1-day workshop will assist leaders and staff to understand and demonstrate the skills, techniques and model in having difficult conversations. A difficult and necessary conversation is anything you find hard to talk about but know that you need to. The issue is often how to start sensitive conversations that will invite open and constructive dialogue. When interactions become difficult, emotions can escalate and communication can break down. We often fear having the difficult conversation as we are concerned that we may make the situation worse – so we may try to avoid it or if we know we have to have it, we may try and blunder through it. This course will provide the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to manage the discussion effectively. Difficult Conversations in the Workplace is essential for the leader/ manager with staff, between colleagues and/ or with clients. It is also applicable for challenging personal conversations. This course will explore difficult conversations utilising the Harvard Negotiation Project model.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and demonstrate the Harvard Negotiation Project model including the initial ‘what happened’, feeling + identity conversations; and, the subsequent transformative learning conversation.
  • Demonstrate how to start sensitive conversations that invites constructive dialogue and builds open communication.
  • Know the importance of your purpose in a Difficult Conversation.
  • Learn to have Difficult Conversations from a collaborative mindset (including the concepts of the ‘And’ Stance, impact + intention and contribution) rather than from a battle of messages.
  • Understand and incorporate the distinction between curiosity vs. certainty into Difficult Conversations.
  • Learn how to deal with challenges in Difficult Conversations.
  • Create mutually satisfying outcomes by utilising a learning conversation to encourage collaborative negotiation and problem-solving.
  • Gain greater confidence in having Difficult Conversations.

Mindful Leadership

This 1-day workshop will explore the essential role and practice of mindfulness for the conscious leader and the corresponding transformative impact on the team + organisation. Mindful leadership is recognised as having the most significant and positive impact not only on workplace wellbeing, creativity + team culture, but also on productivity and the ‘bottom line’. The conscious and mindful leader understands that to create and maintain a sustainable dynamic, responsive + vibrant organisation, the power of the collective (team or organisation) needs to be synergised with the active practices of: being genuine and authentic, taking responsibility, remaining curious, empowering others, ‘living’ mindful values + creating a shared vision.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the essential role and practice of mindfulness on the conscious leader and the corresponding transformative impact on the team + organisation.
  • Explore the challenges in today’s VUCA environment and the awakening of the conscious leader + organisation.
  • Understand the core elements of mindful leadership – being present, leading with dharmic values, embracing responsibility, connecting with a shared vision, relating with heart + valuing the other.
  • Identify and embrace the mindful values, vision + behaviours that inspire and synergise with a productive team or organisation.
  • Explore mindful communication and understand the energetic impact upon the team.
  • Understand how to balance the task + maintenance (relationship) continuum to meet goals/ targets and to inspire the team.
  • Develop an awareness of the challenges in becoming a mindful leader + the strategies required to explore and transform these obstacles.
  • Create a take-away blueprint for mindful leadership practices that can be implemented to develop a sustainable + cohesive team/ organisation.

Mindful Team Culture

This 1-day workshop will utilise a team building approach to enable teams to proactively + mindfully strengthen their workplace culture. We explore what makes a team healthy + high-performing, the importance of a proactive team culture, the current strengths, the existing issues impacting upon the team, the organisational values + ‘lived’ behaviour alignment, transformative team vision-setting and action plan implementation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the importance and elements of a healthy, high performing + pro-active team (culture and work practices).
  • Explore both the strengths and the specific issues that are currently impacting on the team culture + how these can be enhanced and/ or resolved.
  • Identify team values and the necessary behaviour alignment to support team identity and collaboration.
  • Explore 4 practical workplace themes that can be incorporated directly into your workplace to transform the culture.
  • Explore transformative team vision-setting and practical action plan implementation (incorporating SMART goals) that will encourage a strengthened + proactive team culture.
  • Understand the importance of mindfulness in creating a healthy + dynamic team culture.

Emotional Intelligence

This 1-day workshop will assist leaders and staff to develop insight + awareness of their own and others’ emotions (behaviours, moods, reactions) to intentionally improve individual, team and organisational outcomes + wellbeing in the workplace. It will also discuss and practice the 7 Core EQ Competencies (skills + strategies) that are essential in the development and management of effective and productive interpersonal interactions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define emotional intelligence (EI) and recognise the impact of emotional and social behaviours in both personal + professional interactions.
  • Increase emotional awareness and knowledge by understanding and managing emotions.
  • Recognise the emotions of others and how to relate with EI to improve workplace relationships + performance.
  • Identify and practice the 7 Core EQ Competencies (Self-Awareness, Emotional Resilience, Motivation, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Influence, Intuition + Conscientiousness).
  • Develop and practice EI strategies + skills to build effective communication with others.
  • Utilise EI competencies as part of a values-based leadership approach to increase team/ organisational EQ.

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