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When you are planning an event, it is important to get a keynote speaker. A speakers bureau can be a great resource for finding the right keynote speaker and making sure that they will be available on the day of your event.

At Ovations, we are often used by organisations to find speakers for their conferences or events. We provide speakers for any type of event, from motivational speaking to technical talks and everything in between, and can provide you with qualified and vetted talent that will guarantee the success of your event.

Here, we outline the many things to consider when preparing to find the right speaker for your event.

Do you have a conference or event coming up and thinking of a suitable presenter? Take a minute to think about how professional speakers or keynote speakers are essential. Your audience's time is the most significant investment in a conference or event. Therefore, you must ensure that you offer them a valuable experience. For expert professional speakers, you will get more than you bargained at Ovations.

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Integration of virtual and physical

The events industry plays an important role in bringing people together. People love to attend all sorts of different events to engage in a shared experience, learn something new or be inspired.

During COVID-19, while many events were cancelled or postponed, those that did go ahead went virtual. Like many other sectors which had to adapt and respond in a rapidly changing environment, the digital transformation of many event companies happened almost overnight in response to the social distancing restrictions introduced during the pandemic. While this sort of progress normally takes decades, in these rapidly changing times it has happened in a few weeks.

The power of human connection

Although COVID-19 provided a devastating blow to a much-loved sector, the events industry has responded to a changing market with innovation and digital transformation, which is set to shape the future of the industry in a post-COVID era.

As many look forward to the day that large-scale, national and international events will resume, Our friends at McCrindle have created The Future of Events report detailing some of the global and consumer trends set to shape the future of events.

This 28-page report explores 8 trends shaping the future of events including:

  • The integration of virtual and physical events
  • The power of human connection
  • Demographic and social trends

We hope this report gives you the insights and takeaways to plan engaging events that empower human flourishing.

A link to his eBook is being sent via email.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or you can view David's profile for more info.

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