Climbing for a Cause 2013

After facing agressive breast cancer at just 36, avid mountaineer Sharon Cohrs and her equally adventurous husband Allan embarked on the toughest journey of their lives.

Just nine months after finishing a punishing battle with chemotherapy and three months after reconstructive surgery, Sharon and Allan returned to Nepal to scale the imposing 7000+ metre peak of Mt Baruntse. Despite doubts her weakened body could withstand the trek, Sharon triumphed against challenges most would have deemed impossible.

And now in 2013 Sharon and Allan have done it again, continuing to raise money for breast cancer awareness through the charity they founded, Climbing for a Cause.

In early October, despite an easy flight in and good conditions for their five day trek to basecamp to start the ascent, bad weather almost stalled their climb before it could begin. The heavy snowfall would make for a harder and more dangerous climb than was anticipated.

After that, things got even worse...

You can read the rest on the Climbing for a Cause blog.

Finding Your Everest

At 9.30am on the 20th day of May 2011, Sharon and Allan Cohrs reached the highest point on earth, taking in the picturesque views of our wonderful planet, whilst looking down into Tibet on one side and Nepal on the other.

Years of intense training, commitment and sacrifice had led to this moment and so Sharon became the first breast cancer survivor in the world to achieve this. Sharon and Allan also became the first Australian couple to reach the summit of Mt Everest.

Sharon and Allan (EverestOne) have had an incredible response to their colossal expedition. They now travel throughout Australia delivering their inspirational, moving presentation, “Finding your Everest”, to students, teachers and corporations. Share in their personal struggles from overcoming adversity, to believing in yourself, whilst highlighting the importance of teamwork and leadership to succeed.

With a mix of humour, group participation and exclusive Everest footage, Sharon and Allan are bound to capture the hearts and dreams of your students or staff, inspiring them to believe that absolutely anything is possible.

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