Machines proven to outperform humans in customer service

Entrepreneur and CEO of virtual assistant startup, MyCyberTwin, Liesl Capper was recently featured in ARN magazine following her presentation "Machines to replace humans completely?" at the Australian Computer Society's Youth IT Conference.

Her presentation highlighted that in many cases virtual humans offer a superior value proposition to both business and consumers, with a growing body of evidence to support the statement that many people prefer interacting with computers over real humans.

Liesl accounted for this burgeoning acceptance as part of the proliferation of mobile technology - its integration into our daily lives is proving in this case to be the doorway to widespread acceptance of virtual humans. 

 According to ARN, 18% of individuals in the US and 8% of Australians use virtual human services to resolve issues.

According to Capper, reliance and utilisation of virtual humans is growing due to their ability to outperform human chat and call centres across all criteria, including accuracy, response time, cost, sales, and length of (relevant) chat.

Liesl contends that the introduction of Apple's Siri and Google's competing Voice Search have spearheaded the rise of virtual humans on mobile devices to the point where such services are becoming commonplace. However recent research shows that humans may actually prefer assistance from virtual humans over real people:

Drawing on MyCyberTwin findings, she said that another reason is that humans have higher acceptance of the virtual human as it presents what the user sees as a more private and less judgemental experience. Capper said that professionals she regularly interacts with often revealed more to a virtual human than herself.

Liesl's expertise in this arena is unchallenged. A recent recipient of the Nokia Innovation Award at the Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards, Liesl is best known for her pioneering work in developing the disruptive digital assistant startup MyCyberTwin.

Read the full article on ARN magazine.

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