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Don't you just love a good book?

One that challenges, inspires and takes you on a journey. Fortunately some of our favourite authors in the House of O are both compelling and prolific!

And we've got four sensational TRENDING books from our speakers to give away!

Capturing Mindfulness

Matthew Johnstone

If you're looking for greater resilience and mental peace, Capturing Mindfulness is for you. Part of Matthew's incredibly successful 'Black Dog' series, this book helps retrain your attention to be more in the moment.

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Anders Sorman-Nilsson

As your business becomes ever more enmeshed in today's digital world it's easy to lose sight of the analogue hearts of the customers your company relies on. This book deals in real-world examples and tools to help you survive and thrive in the digital age.

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Winning the Battle for Relevance

Michael McQueen

History is littered with industries that have fallen by the wayside, a victim of the inability to recognise their impending irrelevancy. Michael McQueen can show your business how to recognise your place on the relevance curve - and how to arrest the slide before it's too late!

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Leading on the Edge

Rachael Robertson

Most of us feel like our workplaces are busy, stressful and challenging. Rachael Robertson shows what a truly challenging workplace looks like - $20 million budget, no contact with the outside world for months on end and stuck in sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica! Be the first to read 'Leading on the Edge', out this October!

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We've got a few copies of each of these books to give away - just pop over to our Facebook page and tell us which book you'd like to read and why! Better be quick - we've only got a few of each to give away!

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