10 tips to a top brief!

It's great to be back on team Ovations after 6 months travelling and writing.

I know the one thing that won't have changed while I have been gone... the length of everyone's to-do lists! As a busy professional you can save yourself precious hours by delivering your brief for us to research.

Armed with your details we recommend and present you with the very best short list of speakers and talent. So here are 10 tips to delivering a top brief in 10 minutes:

  1. Start with the end in mind:
    • Think: Do you need a shift in mindset? Is there a new direction or concept you want your audience to grasp.
    • Know: What important information, data or message do you need communicated and understood?
    • Feel: Describe how you would like your audience to feel after the presenter has left the stage.
    • Do: What would you like the audience to do differently as a result of the presentation. Implement a plan or skill. Increase sales?

      When your presenter leaves the stage can you describe exactly what you would like your audience to think, know, feel or do differently as a result?

  2. Purpose:
    Share the purpose of your meeting with us. Why is this group of people getting together and how often does this happen?

  3. Audience:
    Gender split, demographic, roles and duties the audience perform on a day to day basis. What are the biggest challenges or opportunities in front of this group right now?

  4. Theme and topics:
    If you have a theme take some time to talk through why it was chosen and how you would like us to approach it. What specific topics or key points do you need addressed?

  5. Flexibility and budget:
    If we found the exact right speaker would your budget be flexible? If you are working to a strict figure let us know.

    Do you need the fee to be inclusive or exclusive of all speakers travel and expenses?

    It is our job to maximise the investment you make and negotiate the best terms, if you can provide guidelines at brief stage it really helps eg: presenter fee range $3,500-$5,000, $5,000-$10,000, $10,000-$15,000, $15,000 plus.

  6. Who else:
    Who other than yourself is making the decision about the speakers and talent being booked? We can tailor a special proposal that you can easily and expertly present to all stakeholders involved.

  7. Other presenters:
    Have you already booked other presenters for your program? Or contacted other speakers or agencies?

    By having the full picture we can build on your program, provide fresh ideas and won't cover the same ground as someone else.

  8. Event history:
    Is this the first time this event has taken or does it have a long history? Is it the first time you have worked on the event or with Ovations? Do you have a list of speakers previously booked and which ones worked well for your audience or perhaps didn't? Are you able to send last years running sheet to show us the flow of your event?

  9. Time:
    What time do you require your speaker on site and what is the duration of their duties? When it comes to getting a proposal back to you we aim for quick turnarounds within 24 hours, but if you have a strict deadline of your own presentation to make let us know so we can work with you on this.

  10. Anything else:
    Is there anything else you can share with us about the audience and event? We keep all details you share in confidence.

    Trust me when I say, in our world there is no such thing as too much information!!
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