13 Speakers We Love for 2013

2013 is fast approaching and we've rounded up the best and the brightest - up and coming young speakers about to make their mark on their world and some experienced presenters with new insights for their audiences!

These are the top 13 speakers we love for 2013!


Kamal is our practical Leadership guru. He has an incredible depth of character and there are many, many layers to his leadership work. He understands people, what drives them and how to facilitate concrete transformations. Kamal is completely committed and an inspiring person to work with. An expert in the area of human potential, Suzanne has spent the last 25 years working in senior management positions; her focus is now removing the performance barriers for leaders within your organisation. Suzanne is a thought provoking speaker with an engaging and humorous style and a published author who speaks on such subjects as 'Liberate Leadership', 'Skirting Leadership' and 'Find the Talented Stranger Within'. Virginia has the perfect blend of professionalism, confidence and warmth. She is a gracious host and MC and excellent at facilitating discussions and panels. You can count on Virginia to get to the heart of any issue. Penny is a brilliant talent. As a consultant who speaks on branding, PR and customer service she always brings a fresh perspective and is a complete expert in her field. Penny is not only an excellent speaker she is also a talented trainer who delivers results. She's fast thinking, witty and wonderful to work with on every single aspect of an event. Joanna is a lively and inspiring speaker who describes herself as a recovered lawyer. Joanna has mastered the art of creative thinking and talks to businesses about building an environment for their people to flourish in and for them to learn how to come up with juicy ideas. Michael is always so well researched and prepared. He is a consummate and well respected professional. As an educator and behavioural expert he truly understands the audiences he speaks to. Dr Nagel's work is definitely helping to shape our nations future! The world moves fast and so does Andrew! The first winner of the Apprentice In July 2012 John became the first Australian and one of only five people in the world to traverse the Brooks Range in Alaska solo – and he did it in record time. His story and presentation is a demonstration of Australian determination, persistence and courage. In 2013 John will be preparing for the biggest adventure of his life – to traverse the Brooks Range in winter! Squiz has this incredible zest for life that is infectious. As a Green Beret, international aid worker and Everest summiteer he is a great example of a determined individual who shows us what is possible and how to break free of limitations. He has channelled his energy and experience into a range of fantastic corporate presentations we are excited to share with our clients. If you are talking business and technology you need to talk to Paul! Need help navigating business or decoding the endless highway of information? Paul is a Thought Leader who is always on trend offering practical advice. Yalda is an incredible young talent. When you talk to her you get a sense she possesses wisdom beyond her years. Her personal story and keynote is fascinating. She can also bring her media and interviewing skills to host a wide range of events. Keep your eye on Yalda, we have a feeling there is a lot more to come from her! Life just keeps moving faster and faster without our permission, but James O'Loghlin shows us that to keep up with the pace of innovation it's all about our state of mind. We have enjoyed him as an MC, but for 2013 James has newly reinvented himself with an incredible keynote that helps us stay equipped for the world ahead. Liesl is a woman with her finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, technology and where they are taking us. Her recent Telstra Business Women's Award is a wonderful recognition of her many achievements.  She is  intelligent, vibrant and passionate and it definitely shines through in everything she does.
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