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Now that the Ashes are in full swing, it's that time of year that Australians everywhere go cricket crazy. So why not put an Australian sporting legend front and centre of your next event?

As always we've got some great suggestions for incredible cricketers, past and present, who bowl over every audience they entertain.


Disruption 2014

Friday, 22 November 2013 16:25


The pace of digital disruption will only accelerate in 2014 and beyond. It's easy to look at the collapse of household brands like Kodak and SAAB and blame technology - but the true blame lies squarely on the heads of those enterprises who failed to see their looming irrelevancy.

Will your business be one of those consigned to a footnote in history?


Neuroscience 2014

Friday, 22 November 2013 15:53


As our understanding of the human mind grows in leaps and bounds, business is slowly coming around to the idea that science can help improve the performance and well being of businesses and teams by focusing on the most important common denominator - the individual.

2014 will likely prove the tipping point where neuroscience and business are finally considered indispensible allies - allowing your business to get the edge in an increasingly competitive world.


Sustainability 2014

Thursday, 21 November 2013 15:49


While sustainable business practice has been a trending topic for some time, 2014 will be a truly hot-button year for environmentally-focused businesses. As the current government bucks the global trend, sustainability experts have begun talking up the positive ROI for business in going green.

How will your business contribute to the growing future of sustainability in 2014?


Economics 2014

Thursday, 21 November 2013 13:22


Is the Aussie dollar about to make a resurgence? Or will exports boom on the back of reduced pressure on overseas buyers? Is your business prepared for the Asian Century and is Australia's real estate market set to boom or bust?

Answers to these questions will have a direct impact on all Australian businesses in 2014 - if you need a quick peek around the corner, read on for our HOT Economists for 2014!


Mini breaks at wOrk

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 23:22

It's easy to forget that for many of us, the silly season provides little in the way of downtime. While we continue to work through the silly season, it's still vital to find the time to do a mental reset and take the time to recharge - even if it's just soaking up the sunshine from the office window.

We asked a special panel of experts for their quick tips to recharge and revive while at work this holiday season - read on to find our best Mini Breaks at wOrk!


The Big Mini Break Giveaway!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 23:11

Mini Break Giveaway

No-one knows better than Matthew Johnstone how important it is to take the time to recharge and reflect.

Which is why Matthew and The Golden Door, Hunter Valley, have partnered with Ovations to give you the chance to recharge in style in 2014!


What's HOT for 2014?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 22:42

At this time of year we like to take a moment to look forward to the trends shaping our world and provide an insight into those that we think are going to be HOT in 2014.

From the surging Aussie dollar, to advances in neuroscience that are helping team performance or the new breed of experts who prove that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, we've collated a select group of speakers, disruptors and thought-leaders who can lead your business into the future.


The world of sales is in the midst of the greatest upheaval in history.

Radical internet pioneers continue to redefine the sales experience online, while digital communications have fundamentally changed the way we interact business to business. Our bricks and mortar businesses are not immune to these changes, even those few without websites struggle to deal with how business has changed in an interconnected world.


One of the greatest trends in our understanding of business performance has been the shift towards addressing the underlying needs of staff beyond just remuneration.

While everyone loves a bonus, employees care more about their day-to-day quality of working life and business is in the midst of a quantum shift towards more people-friendly environments.

It's an acknowledgement of one of the core truths of business: a fulfilled workforce is a productive workforce.


Being a futurist isn't about having a crystal ball - although it might sometimes seem that way!

More realistically a futurist is able to spot the trends that are occurring right now and divine what that means for business and technology in the near future. Our favourite futurists don't just help businesses stay ahead of the game - they create it, inventing ground-breaking products that can change the world.


In the last few years we've started to see a trend in the corporate world towards embracing and supporting employees through more than just remuneration. Intrinsic motivation has become the order of the day, where staff are rewarded with loyalty, appreciation and space for personal and professional development.

It's a trend that champions creating more meaningful workplaces, personal responsibility and ownership of their role in the organisation.

The speakers below represent the new wave of leadership best practice, helping organisations the world over to discover a new path to leadership success.



Don't you just love a good book?

One that challenges, inspires and takes you on a journey. Fortunately some of our favourite authors in the House of O are both compelling and prolific!

And we've got four sensational TRENDING books from our speakers to give away!


Dare Jennings - creating the trend

Monday, 01 July 2013 14:47

Dare Jennings, the founder of iconic Australian clothing brand Mambo is at it again.

When Deus Ex Machina first hit the Sydney landscape with its funky, retro motorcycles reminiscent of classics from the WWII Italian era, no-one could have imagined the international success that would follow. Now in his 60's Dare Jennings stands at the head of another clothing empire, again strongly incorporating elements of surf culture. Deus has become a lifestyle brand that speaks to those who love freedom and individuality, much like the man behind the brand.

In this video Leanne Christie, Chief of Everything O, dropped into the Sydney store to chat with Dare about his incredible capacity for creating polarising products that create and lead fashion trends throughout the world.

Exclusive boardroom breakfast with Dare Jennings at Deus Ex Machina!

Are you looking for a trendsetting speaker with a proven history of creating iconic brands?

We're offering event planners a one-off opportunity to meet with Dare at an exclusive boardroom breakfast event on the 22nd of October 2013. Tour the fabulous Deus Ex Machina premises and hear one of the most compelling and relevant business speakers in the industry.

Call now - only 6 places available! (02) 9818 6622


Danielle Di-Masi was recently featured in's piece on the decline of eye contact and its effect on a business' bottom line.

As one of our sales trends specialists Danielle believes that eye contact is fundamental to business life.


Our resident BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) expert David Thomas was recently interviewed on ABC News for his views on China's ongoing economic diversification. As a specialist in the region's economy, David urges Australian businesses to come to grips with the motivations behind Chinese investors before they're left behind.


wOmen on trend!

Monday, 01 July 2013 13:53


"Sisters are doing it for themselves" 1985 was the year when the Eurythmics teamed up with Aretha Franklin and released this track. It was around the same time our CEO, Leanne Christie, started Ovations Speakers Bureau! But sadly for the speaking industry there weren't many 'sisters' on the speaking circuit back then.


hOt trends!

Friday, 28 June 2013 16:04

One of the most challenging tasks for any leader is to navigate the ever-changing attitudes and trends of your industry, your market and your customers

This month we thought we'd make your job a little easier and pick out four of the top fields that are trending right now. And the specialists we've picked to represent each trend are at the very peak of their own personal relevancy curves - with no downward turn in sight!

Welcome to our pick of the top four hot trends in business right now!


5 Minutes with Avis Mulhall

Saturday, 01 June 2013 16:19

This month our Chief of Everything O, Leanne Christie had the pleasure of spending 5 Minutes with Avis Mulhall - perhaps the living embodiment of this month's theme of Corporate Social Responsibility!


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