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Build your team: the Olympic way

Thursday, 12 July 2012 10:00
The Olympics is not just a sporting event. As the apotheosis of any athlete's career, it's a testament to the dedication and sacrifice required to achieve an elite level of performance. Which is why, when Natalie Cook talks business, you should listen. The Olympic volleyball gold medalist and author believes that the lessons learned from team-based sports are directly transferrable to the world of business - goal-setting, communication and teamwork all being absolutely crucial to your team's long term success. Natalie has a life philosophy encapsulated by just two words: "NO LIMITS" - audiences leave inspired and able to tackle… READ MORE

Books We Love

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 15:36
We've asked around for recommendations for some of the newest book releases to hit stores this month. Here's our top picks of the Books We Love: READ MORE

Big Book Giveaway

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 15:31
This Month we're giving away copies of all the Books We Love to anyone who asks.... Lots and lots of books! All you need to do is to pop over to our Facebook page and write on our wall asking for the book you'd like from the list below! If you share with your friends, they can ask for copies too! READ MORE

Innovation is a state of mind

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 12:32
Innovation is the force that drives human progress. It has taken us out of the cave and into houses, cars and aeroplanes. Innovation has created Wi-Fi, smartphones, beach towels and whatever you are reading this on. The ever increasing pace of change in the world is exciting, but also scary, because it means that almost everything that you do now in your business, no matter how brilliant, cutting edge and state of the art, is soon going to be out-dated. 2012's world's best practice isn't going to cut it in 2020, just as world's best practice in 2004 wouldn't cut… READ MORE


Wednesday, 11 July 2012 11:43
This month saw an incredible outpouring of energy and excitement surrounding our National Speaker Showcase. For the first time our showcases were streamed LIVE via webcast allowing hundreds more to join us and take part in the conversation via Twitter and Facebook, where we reached over 24,000 followers! And of course, now you can join in too and watch all three events! READ MORE

Communicating the WHY

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 10:00
We've all had those moments when the challenges feel too great - we're so caught up in what we need to achieve but can't see how we're going to do it. It's at those moments we need to remember the WHY. Sam Cawthorn understands this better than most and believes that communicating the WHY of your organistion is one of the most effective means of getting buy-in from your team. Sam says: The WHY is the core story of an organisation or individual. It’s the reason why we do what we do and what drives our passion and energy. Most…

And it's GOLD for Australia!

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 10:00
In our sports-mad country, the leadup to the Olympics is always a crazy time, capturing the attention of all the nations of the world and inspiring millions. As a very Australian tribute to the Olympics we're running a little in-house tipping competition: who will come the closest to guessing our final gold medal tally? READ MORE

ONews July 2012

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 10:00

James O'Loghlin tells us why Innovation is a state of mind, plus a MASSIVE book giveaway!

Which incredible & inspirational new releases are hitting bookshelves? And what lessons can leaders learn from the hardships of Olympians?


ONews June 2012

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 10:00

Ten Hot Women Speakers, Intentionomics and the perfect apps for event planners!

PLUS: How to affordably bring international speakers to your next event!


ONews May 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012 10:00

Announcing National Speaker Showcase dates in THREE cities - and a dining experience to be won in each!


ONews April 2012

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 10:00

Announcing National Speaker Showcase dates in THREE cities - and a dining experience to be won in each!

PLUS: Meet the masters of marketing & branding and watch the video of our first showcase of the year!


ONews March 2012

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 11:00

We're giving away tickets to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, dozens of books and you'll never guess who's visiting our shores!

PLUS: Spend 5 minutes with Andrew Morello and Penny Burke!


A massive thank you to you both for all your assistance from selecting to co-ordinating the speakers for our annual ProLoan conference. Feedback was that this year’s speakers where the best they had EVER heard at ANY event. So this is pretty amazing, because they do go to a lot of sessions like these.

Director of Network Relationships - Proloan (aust) pty ltd

Again this year you and your team have been fantastic and extremely helpful.  In regards to you Sharm, you have been an absolute star and phenomenal help with our speakers and presenters, a great communicator, wealth of knowledge and so prompt with responding and looking at ways to cater to our needs.

Event Manager Fitness Australia

I would recommend, without hesitation, the services of Jane Rowland Smith and Ovations. Jane answered a last minute call to arrange a guest speaker for our principals. Nothing was too much effort, all was arranged within hours, and went very smoothly. The guest speaker was exactly what we required and our brief was followed. Thank you Jane and the team at Ovations.

Executive Director of Schools Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

All aspects of the process has always gone seamlessly with Ovations and we will continue to seek your assistance for the awards in the coming years.

Thank you again, your help has meant that our Awards are very professional and extremely well received by our members and guests.

Executive Assistant BSCAA NSW Division

Jane, I personally want to thank you for all of your support, advice, patience and all round kindness that you have given me over the last 3 or so years.  This event would not have been as successful without the valuable MC’s you have recommended and the support you provided me when it all just seemed too hard

Shona Dilley – Smart School Awards, Department of Education
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