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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 20:54

Some act as if they believe that as long as they get the latest technology, their organisation will automatically be more innovative. Nope. It’s all about how you use technology.


In 2009 two friends and I launched Shoes of Prey - an online custom shoe shop. We were full of excitement, but also quite apprehensive. After all, we had left our well paying jobs and really had no idea what we were doing - although only faintly aware of this at the time.


Organizations are both transforming themselves with digital innovation and being transformed by it.

Apart from the financial benefits, organizations with reputations for successful digital innovation often garner strong followings among customers while becoming magnets for technological talent.


AI. Not working as expected.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 20:37

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the kind of teething problems familiar to any technology trying to escape the lab: it doesn't quite work as expected in real life yet.


The art of driving dangerously

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 20:35

Dale Beaumont brings us an innovative new way of consuming news... something so efficient you could do it while driving. Not that we're recommending you should!


Tech Vs Touch

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 20:24

Are you all about the heart? Or is the mind where it's at?

Do you crave interaction.... with the latest device, or with your fellow human beings?

It's no secret that different strokes energise different folks, but when it comes to digital vs. analog in today's world, there's a clear divide.

No matter whether it's tech or touch that floats your boat we've got a speaker for you!


Top 10 New & Hot Speakers in 2018!

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 12:28

It's a natural consequence of starting a new year - we want the new shiny things!

And don't fear we have some new, shiny speakers who're about to have a big impact to share with you. But we'd also like to remind you of a few fantastic speakers who are just so hot right now - topics that are new, or simply aligned with the zeitgeist, topics that resonate with audiences today.

Snap them up for your next event... or someone else will!


How to lead so people will follow

Monday, 05 February 2018 15:19

Leadership. There must be thousands of blogs, articles and books written about it. It's certainly front of mind for almost anyone who works in a team.

However, being an effective leader today is implicated by the inter-generational workplaces that are emerging. Where Baby Boomers and Gen Zeds, who have different expectations, learning habits and communication styles, collide.


Trust the world I see.

Monday, 05 February 2018 15:18

Part of my journey in becoming a keynote speaker has been the reflection and understanding that my unique and somewhat extreme experiences have raised, formulated and subsequently reinforced in me the importance of trust in my livelihood. In every direction I look the more I realise the importance trust holds in our various worlds, whether it be business or life.


2018 - How to make it your best year yet!

Monday, 05 February 2018 15:14

Do you want to get healthier this year, but not quite sure of how to do it? It's easy to get focused on the wrong thing with all the misinformation out there, or to ignore areas of your life that may in fact have considerable impact on your health and wellbeing.

Making vague resolutions to eat less sugar or do more exercise really won't cut it. Get more focused, set proper goals and feel the difference to how you feel this year. Here are 5 tips to set you on a healthier path this year.


Though the message often gets submerged in our workaholic culture, it’s okay to just want a break. Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Breaks build resilience, helping you to perform better when you return, and they allow you a space for reflection and insight. If you want a vacation and can afford to take one, you probably should.

That being said, for the sake of your physical and mental health, it's important to be able to tell the difference between wanting and needing a break. In my years spent working with leaders, I've noticed that exhaustion can take on many forms and not all of these forms are commonly recognised or addressed… But all of them can lead to severe consequences if ignored. It's therefore essential to learn how to separate these feelings of deep tiredness from an uncomplicated desire to kick back and relax


Lisa McInnes-Smith in Action

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 14:25

Lisa has an extraordinary gift to communicate, connect and shift behaviour. Raised in a family of sporting professionals, she grew up surrounded by achievers from around the country and around the world. Observing the traits of high achievers, she set out to understand why they were different to most others. This took her on a journey that would immerse her in Sports Psychology and Human Performance.

After twenty-five years connecting with corporations and business people, Lisa knows what it takes for people to change – to change direction, change attitude, change behaviour and change outcomes. Lisa is a Performance expert and a master of shifting behaviour. She enables individuals to become better team players (and potential leaders) by discarding negative habits and building on their strengths.

She also knows that how we learn is a key component to the speed of our progress. Lisa has developed a unique process of teaching her principles. Her fast-paced keynote presentations take her audience on a journey; a participative experience where they are challenged to try a different way of thinking and influencing. She inspires people to grow.


This past month I had the extraordinary privilege of speaking at the 10th Annual PCOA event on the Gold Coast about The Future of Events.

As someone who has hosted more than 2000 sessions in over 45 cities worldwide, this is clearly something that is close to my heart, so we brought our A game and created a unique research packet that captures leading insights, stats and commentary on exactly what it takes to make an event resonate in the hearts and minds of people long after it is done.


A very different opening...

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 22:47

We recently brought our new show, The World is Better Than You Think, to the PCOA Conference on the Gold Coast. What an event! A room full of some of Australia's top event organisers, in a beautiful location, and probably the largest screen we've ever seen. Plus the food. Oh my god the food.


The Future Makers

Monday, 09 October 2017 19:10

THE ‘PURPOSE ECONOMY’ IS HERE. Right now, it is unevenly distributed and poorly understood, as the future often is. But in the coming year, the purpose economy will redefine how we conduct business and derive meaning in our lives.


The Art of Booking a World Class Speaker

Monday, 09 October 2017 17:41

While the Internet and online research tools have made researching speakers easier too many options make it much harder to decipher which speakers are ‘world class’ and which speakers are the ‘wannabes’!

Lets face it…we are in an age where anyone can claim to be a speaker, influencer or game changer. How can you tell the difference, and how do you ensure you are investing in a speaker that has the skills and the profile to deliver the right solution for your next conference or event?


Making it Meaningful for your Millennials

Monday, 09 October 2017 17:33

Meaning is very quickly becoming the most powerful driver of engagement, fulfilment and performance in the workplace.

The movement towards meaning has been bubbling away for some time, but it’s still pretty misunderstood. A few years ago a major report from the Career Advisory Board made a couple of eye-opening findings. When asked, managers felt the most important factor for millennials was securing a high-paying job. But when that question was asked to millennials themselves - money was secondary. For millennials, meaningful work was the single most important factor in defining a successful career.


Turning Fear Into Courage

Monday, 09 October 2017 17:29

lessons from adventure and elite sport

In the years since my solo voyage around the world, I’ve had the incredible privilege of meeting a wide range of sports stars, from surfers to cricketers and rugby players. What’s more, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with and count myself friends with a crowd who have an impressive appetite for pain, suffering and isolation: adventurers. And I’ve come to an interesting revelation about this crowd of overachievers: they are very often not the gung-ho, adrenaline junkies you might expect. Many have overcome fears to achieve what they have.


Three Cups of Tea

Monday, 09 October 2017 14:28

In today’s fast paced world of instant communication, short deadlines, e-mail, text, online chat, social media, speed networking and deal-making, I think we can all agree that the old fashioned art of relationship-building has been somewhat diminished in its importance, if not lost altogether?



Tuesday, 27 June 2017 12:49

“Sometimes people want to shop. And sometimes people want to go shopping.” Tim Kobe is the lead designer behind the Apple store and we talked at length about the future of retail when we met at the World Retail Congress in Dubai earlier this year.

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