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Big Book Giveaway

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 08:32

If you’d like to get up to speed on disruption, discover the inspirational story of Tim and Judy Sharp or find out how to make human nature work for your business, we've got a chapter or seven for you!


Visiting Internationals

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 08:28

When a prominent overseas speaker visits our shores it’s a great chance for you to book a world-class speaker without the costs of flights. Ovations always maintains an up-to-date list of travelling speakers, below is just a sample of who’s visiting Australia in the coming months.


5 Aussie Disruptors for 2015

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 08:26

How can you ensure your business isn’t on the wrong side of history?


Three EXTRAOrdinary Aussies

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 08:18

Meet the extraordinary Aussies who triumph in the face of incredible challenges


Now a senior economist with St George Bank, Hans Kunnen is economics speaker with depth and broad expertise. With over a quarter of a century's experience that spans a career as an author, university lecturer and senior roles with three major Australian banks, Hans is a leading expert on investment and finance.

In this issue of ONews, Hans delivers a piercing view into the next period of Australia's economic future!

The May Federal budget was designed to put the Australia’s finances on a sound footing. It aimed to lift revenue, curb spending and lift productivity. All major industries will be affected but few can claim that it will drive them to the wall...


At a time when the recent budget from Treasurer Joe Hockey is being seen as unfair by the general population and is also facing problems passing through the Senate, the issue of economic leadership is brought into sharp focus by Stephen Koukoulas.


Brett King is the world's foremost promponent of disruptive banking. King does more than just talk - he's put his money where his mouth is (literally!) as the founder of maverick banking startup, Moven.

A multi-bestselling author, Brett King's latest book is the insider's guide to re-booting banking. It's a 'must read' for anyone in the financial services industry, because this is your future.

To give you a sneak peak at Breaking Bank$, we've arranged for you to download a sample chapter!.

Watch Brett King on Fox News "Tech Knowledge" segment after the 'read more'...


Click! Colours is fast becoming THE industry tool for improving relationships, teamwork and decision-making. Created by David Koutsoukis and Greg Barnes, themselves leading professional speakers and facilitators, Click! Colours is a fast-track to facilitation success.

David and Greg will be personally facilitating this course, so you'll be in great hands!


Bestselling author, speaker and mental health and wellbeing advocate Matthew Johnstone has been invited to Geneva to deliver a keynote for the World Health Organisation.

Matthew, a survivor of the perfectionism and workaholic tendencies typical of the advertising industry he was once a part of, he is now a writer, illustrator and speaker. Four of his (self-illustrated) seven books have become international best sellers , these books help explain the fragility of mental health, how to develop resilience, mental fortitude and wellbeing. His first book, I Had a Black Dog, dealt with a subject so few of us are willing to discuss: depression.



Dare Jennings, a Vivid visionary.

Monday, 09 June 2014 14:17

Vivid Sydney is an event unique to Sydney. A festival of light, music, art and technology, it's where high-tech brains meet the creative soul

Who else would paint the sails of the Sydney Opera House in spectacular lightshows as part of their public art installations?

It's also a festival for those who approach commerce creatively - something Dare Jennings knows a thing or two about...

Monday, 09 June 2014 14:08


Whether you're planning your first conference or a seasoned events professional, the Event App Bible is an indispensable tool for ensuring that your event comes in on time, under budget and runs smoothly.

Written by passionate events industry blogger Julius Solaris, the Event App Bible is in its second edition and features price guides, strategy tips and the results of research with over 500 event professionals.


As a bonus, Julian Solaris was kind enough to answer a few questions on the new era of app-run event management:

Monday, 09 June 2014 13:51


Inspire Ex is the number one industry event for NSW. As organisers increasingly need to demonstrate the bottom-line results of their labours, Inspire EX has been designed from the ground up to give buyers the inspiration and support they need to make this a reality.

With over 25 years experience as the leading speaking bureau in Australia, Ovations is proud to announce its partnership with this year’s inspire EX conference - a globally recognised summit for the business events industry.

As part of Ovations partnership, three of Australia’s most prestigious speakers will be headlining at the event.

Monday, 09 June 2014 13:36


Leadership is a talent that can't be quantified until it's tested.

Whether it's the highly visible leadership of politicians, the quiet assurance of an airline pilot or the need for courage under fire during military action, leaders are as diverse as the occupations that attract them.

A truly great leader isn't measured by ordinary events. This is a celebration of the extraordinary leaders that emerge when rising to the challenges of business, sport, war, politics and life.  


Brett King, Breaking Banks

It's three fantastic speakers in one radio show!

Anders Sorman-Nilsson and David Thomas join Brett King on his Breaking Banks radio show discussing the future of digital innovation. Listen now:


If you’re a regular to O News, you would have heard of Matthew Johnstone, author and illustrator of the beautiful ‘I Had A Black Dog’ series and regular on the speaker circuit. Matt speaks on mental health and wellbeing, creating purpose in life and working towards being genuinely happy. Matt will be presenting at the upcoming Happiness and It’s Causes Conference in Sydney on 29 & 30 May and has offered to share his 20% discount code with O News readers. Simply quote WDRC when you book tickets to Happiness & Its Causes online at


Interested in booking Stephen Koukoulas or David Thomas for your next event? Contact for details!

26th March will see the 28th Melbourne International Comedy Festival kick off in style with their Opening Night, Comedy All Stars, Supershow! (phew that’s a mouthful!) Running for 3 weeks, the MICF will showcase the top local and international side-splittingly funny talent, before taking the best of the best on its annual roadshow. A new face we’ve been tickled pink with here at Ovations is Jordana Borensztajn, whose show ‘Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me’ runs through her desperate attempt to be ‘liked’. 

Baseball inspiration

Friday, 28 March 2014 13:23

Sydney was awash with Baseball fever recently as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks flew in to open the Major League season, and take on Team Australia in exhibition games. Michael Crossland who we know at Ovations because he defied the overwhelming odds of life threatening cancer, 3rd degree burns to nearly his entire body and a severe heart attack all before his 13th birthday, was providing commentary (Michael can add elite baseball player to his list of major accomplishments), and can you guess which Ovations team member has a family connection to one of the players?

TEDx shines in Sydney

Friday, 28 March 2014 13:22

One to mark in the diary: TEDx Sydney is ready to take centre stage once again at the Sydney Opera House on April 26th. With one particularly intriguing line up, we can’t wait to see what new talent Oliver Percovich and Mary Jerram can bring to the table - and of course we’ll be glued to our seats when favourites like Stella Young and Markus Zusak add their 10 cents to this melting pot of ideas. 

7 Key Consumer Trends You NEED to Know About

Having just had an incredible 4 month road trip around Australia with her family, our favourite marketing guru Penny Burke is recharged and ready to share with you and your team her insights into the 7 key consumer trends you NEED to know about. Backed by the meticulous research of Penny and her team at Essence Communication, we’re giving O News readers the inside scoop with a free download of Penny’s latest e-book .

Do you know your Gamification from your SOLOMO?

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