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We recently brought our new show, The World is Better Than You Think, to the PCOA Conference on the Gold Coast. What an event! A room full of some of Australia's top event organisers, in a beautiful location, and probably the largest screen we've ever seen. Plus the food. Oh my god the food.

The three of us (an economist, a scientist and a musician) took the audience on a mind-blowing journey through the amazing things happening on our planet. Using cutting edge research, we showed how diseases were being eradicated, war is decreasing, millions are being lifted out of poverty and billions are gaining access to the internet. We explained how cognitive biases make all of us feel unnecessarily pessimistic, preventing us from achieving our true potential. And we unveiled some of the great news stories that have happened in the last twelve months, accompanied by live music and some incredible visuals. The opportunity to use a 27m long screen was not one that went to waste.

The show was an unexpected perspective on what the world actually looks like, with some questionable fashion choices and a little inspiration from Monty Python. We created it to give event organisers a way to start their conference with something entertaining and very different. An uplifting, positive message accompanied by music, yet based on serious research and gold plated evidence. By the end of 45 minutes, people had a very different story about the state of humanity in the 21st century - and that was the whole point! It's designed to give the audience a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and inspiration for the rest of the event.

Many of the delegates remarked afterwards that they'd never seen anything like it. Barry Neame, the president, of the PCOA, told us it was one of the best openings to a conference he'd ever seen, which was a huge honour and a nice reward after all the work we put in to make this something special.

Watch the opening minutes of Future Crunch at the PCOA Conference:

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