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COVID-19 is understandably causing concern regarding the delivery of events. The escalation of the outbreak may mean your first reaction is to reschedule or cancel to demonstrate responsibility to participants and clients.

However, it’s not always necessary or practical to cancel an event, you can make simple adjustments instead.

Our friends at Cliftons Venues have offered this solution to many of our clients across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Whether it’s live stream, virtual classrooms for training, video conferencing, complex AV setups, computer rooms or secure remote network configurations you need, Clifton's are offering a solution to overcome the current challenges of holding large audiences in one room.

Technology solutions make you agile in event delivery. When disruption makes running events challenging, harnessing technology and virtual meeting solutions is a smart way to stay on track.

You can even link your events virtually, across multiple locations. Cliftons advanced tech is designed to keep your operations progressing forward.


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