Creating A Successful Roadshow

Road Show or Traveling Circus


Your choice of presenter can make the difference

1. Consistency vs Economy
One of the first considerations in booking speakers for a road show is whether to book a separate speaker from each area or state that your road show will be working, or to book one speaker that will travel to all areas. The issue here is deciding which is the most important: Having multiple presenters which will reduce travel and accommodation costs, or having one presenter which will provide a much more consist presentation and bring further advantages as the presenter becomes increasingly familiar with your target audience and their typical questions. This aspect alone and the fine tuning it allows can make a big impact on the overall success of your show.

2. As good to work with off stage…
Something that is often not considered when booking one presenter to cover the whole road show is the personality or temperament of the presenter.  You or your colleagues may have to live with this person for several weeks, so have a presenter with an agreeable personality will have a marked beneficial effect on the overall performance of the team. The last thing you want is to have a moody or inflexible presenter bringing the tone of your show down. So seek advice here from your consultant to ensure compatibility. We have a saying on the office, “Are they as good to work with off stage as they are when presenting on stage?”

3. Travel Partner
Not only will you have to live with your presenter for the period of your road show, but you will also have to accommodate them and pay for travel. So in choosing one presenter for the whole term of the show your Ovations consultant will also give consideration to whether the presenter is flexible in their travel arrangements are they happy with economy airfares, are they overly fussy about accommodation, do they have expensive demands.    

4. Local Considerations
In traveling the various countries and cities throughout Asia there is always local issues and local pride. In preparing your road show it is good to investigate some of the more dominant ones and incorporate these into your briefing with the presenter. This can make a considerable difference in how the audience relates to the presenter and therefore to the message you are endeavoring to impart.
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