Dare Jennings, a Vivid visionary.

Vivid Sydney is an event unique to Sydney. A festival of light, music, art and technology, it's where high-tech brains meet the creative soul

Who else would paint the sails of the Sydney Opera House in spectacular lightshows as part of their public art installations?

It's also a festival for those who approach commerce creatively - something Dare Jennings knows a thing or two about...

As the iconic founder of Mambo and now Deus Ex Machina, Dare Jennings' entreprenurial vision lives at the heart of everything that Vivid stands for: freedom of expression, the embrace of counter-culture and wild creativity.

So it's no wonder that Dare was asked to present his views on turning what you love into what you do, presented this past week at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Dare's presentations demonstrate how his brands maintain the authenticity of the culture embedded into the product and the importance of communicating uniquely Australian values to consumers both overseas and at home.

Mambo To Deus: Leading a Global Business is Dare's most popular presentation. Leveraging his insight into Australian culture, Dare Jennings has created two uniquely iconic Australian exports without resorting to cultural cliches: Mambo and Deus Ex Machina. 

In this presentation Dare asks: "What happens when you start a humble local business building retro motorbikes, only to discover that Italy has a deep and abiding passion for your product?".

The answer is simple: Go global!

Jennings is a speaker with a message for anyone: a small startup or corporate behemoth looking to rekindle the fire in its customer base.

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