Disruption 2014


The pace of digital disruption will only accelerate in 2014 and beyond. It's easy to look at the collapse of household brands like Kodak and SAAB and blame technology - but the true blame lies squarely on the heads of those enterprises who failed to see their looming irrelevancy.

Will your business be one of those consigned to a footnote in history?


Anders Sorman-Nilsson is unique amongst disruptors. He's one of the few who can reconcile our digital minds with our analogue hearts - ensuring a perfect mix of technology and humanity in any business.


Does your business need to come to grips with cloud computing, social networking or any of the other tech buzzwords flying around? Paul Wallbank, leading technology commentator and author has his finger on the pulse of tomorrow.


When conservative organisations feel the need to invest in disruption, you know it's serious business. Peter Williams, long recognised as a leading technologist, is the head of the new Deloitte Digital - founded to tackle emergent technology head-on.


Michael McQueen helps businesses win the battle for relevance. We can no longer assume that what worked yesterday will continue to work in the future. With proven strategies for maintaining vitality and momentum, Michael can help your organisation stay relevant for years to come.

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