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Whether you're planning your first conference or a seasoned events professional, the Event App Bible is an indispensable tool for ensuring that your event comes in on time, under budget and runs smoothly.

Written by passionate events industry blogger Julius Solaris, the Event App Bible is in its second edition and features price guides, strategy tips and the results of research with over 500 event professionals.


As a bonus, Julian Solaris was kind enough to answer a few questions on the new era of app-run event management:

  • Version 1 of The Event App Bible was seen over 10,000 times in the few months since publication. What's new in Version 2 of the bible?

  • Version 2 features a completely new write-up highlighting the strategic considerations of engaging in an app program. The comparison tables have also been rearranged to reflect the features available for each app at different price points.

  • How has the mobile app landscape changed the events industry?

  • The interest in incredible. It looks like the major benefit is substituting paper guides, hence reducing the incredible amount of waste. Also real time notifications with information about the schedule deliver incredible value to the attendee.

  • What's your favourite event app at the moment?

  • I can't say really. The objective of the guide is to give an unbiased perspective of all apps out there, every event has its needs and its app.

  • Is there a killer event app you'd like to see developed that isn't available yet?

  • How ibeacons, the Bluetooth technology Apple is promoting, will introduce new possibilities, I am waiting to see great use of that.

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