Dr Louise Mahler at the Global Speaker Showcase

In our virtual world we are under the interpersonal microscope. Our non-verbal skills are magnified in the lounge room of the world. Dr Louise Mahler is the foremost expert in the psychology of face-to face engagement. She creates powerful, discernible, and positive change in those with whom she works.  In this session you will discover the five patterns that undermine your brand and the techniques to at least 'look like your listening’!

This week is your chance to join thousands of meeting planners from around the world in the biggest Speaker Showcase ever held.

In answering the question "how do we replicate a conference experience online?", we created the Global Speaker Showcase, a three day web-based conference.

Each day will be a two hour experience. Six professional speakers will present for fifteen minutes each from multiple broadcast quality studios around the world.

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