Economics 2014


Is the Aussie dollar about to make a resurgence? Or will exports boom on the back of reduced pressure on overseas buyers? Is your business prepared for the Asian Century and is Australia's real estate market set to boom or bust?

Answers to these questions will have a direct impact on all Australian businesses in 2014 - if you need a quick peek around the corner, read on for our HOT Economists for 2014!


Stephen "The Kouk" Koukoulas is Australia's foremost economist, with deep knowledge spanning senior government roles, corporate banking and private sector consulting. With an uncanny ability to make economics simple, interesting and even humorous, The Kouk is our crystal ball into Australia's financial future!


For an international macro-economic viewpoint on Australia's financial future, there's no-one better qualified than Saul Eslake. As Chief Economist of Bank America Merryl Lynch Australia, Saul's outlook is international in scope with Australia's future at its core.


Bill Evans, Westpac Chief Economist, helps everyday businesses make sense of what's happening right now with short, clear and concise analysis of trending financial topics. If you need help deciphering how 2014 will impact your bottom line Bill Evans is the banking guru for you. 


How will the impact of sustainable business be measured in Australia? Peter Switzer is one of Australia's most well-known financial commentators whose specialty is clearing the smog of political confusion from the future of the green economy. 

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