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Traditional strategies for personal and commercial success cannot longer sustain the pace of modern life. The future of work requires high levels of creativity, an ability to process vast amounts of information, and consistently produce relevant, impactful outcomes.

To be prepared for the future of work we must have the ability to harness and hack our FLOW state on demand. When John Hagel, co-founder of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, undertook a global study of the world’s most innovative, high-performing business teams, he too found that ‘the individuals and organisations who went the farthest the fastest were always the ones tapping into passion and

finding flow’.

This result has been echoed in a number of other studies.

Take, for example, consulting firm McKinsey’s 10-year global study of companies, which found that executives with the best problem-solving abilities reported being up to 500 per cent more productive in flow.

And here’s a bonus tip: they’re not hacking ‘flow’ via PowerPoint. They’re figuring out their own flow profile and doing activity that works for them — and using that halo to sustain higher performance, in business and life.

When we hack flow, we tap into our natural, innate ability to synthesise information, strategise relevant outcomes and shut down the prefrontal cortex: the part of the brain that controls impulsivity and houses our inner critic.

In this vibrant, illuminating keynote we will explore the limitless power of FLOW as applied to improving life and business performance.

The Flow Hacker Keynote is delivered by Global Best Selling Author, World Champion Sailor and British kitesurfing record holding athlete Bella Zanesco. After suffering a spectacular $5billion career burnout she harnessed flow as a tool to bounce out of depression, become a world champion and achieve high performance states consistently.

During this highly experiential keynote that Google described as 'the best high performance coaching our team has ever had' you will learn how to uncover your flow, hold it and harness it, resulting in a consistent, effortless and effective output. And positioning you and your leadership team ahead of the pack by unleashing your full creative and high performance potential. 

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