Being a futurist isn't about having a crystal ball - although it might sometimes seem that way!

More realistically a futurist is able to spot the trends that are occurring right now and divine what that means for business and technology in the near future. Our favourite futurists don't just help businesses stay ahead of the game - they create it, inventing ground-breaking products that can change the world.

For a futurist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson has an odd obsession: people. Although possessed of an uncanny insight into the current trends shaping our business world today, his focus remains on how technology must never forget the analogue heart that drives a business' story.

Liesl Capper's contribution to our future is one that has the potential to radically reshape how businesses communicate. Her company, My Cyber Twin, is dedicated to crossing the uncanny valley to be the first to provide businesses with AI: an artificial intelligence platform to help organisations connect more effectively with their customers.

Matt Barrie redefined how we employ people. A serial entrepreneur with degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, he was an early pioneer in online security before going on to found freelancer.com, expanding the horizons for businesses and workers the world over.

Ross Dawson leads the charge towards a people-powered future, investing in crowd-sourced business ideas and teaching others to do the same. He correctly predicted the role of 'influence' in social media and is the great champion of business and social media.

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