Game Changing Book Giveaway!

The Game Changer - Book Giveaway

Dr Jason Fox is a business game-stormer and an idea-liberating academic rogue. Having completed a PhD, authored two books and lectured at three universities (all by the age of 25), Jason now shares his cutting edge research in motivation science and game design with forward thinking leaders who want to boost productivity, influence behaviour and make clever happen.

His latest publication ‘The Game Changer’ has unofficially been described as ‘a heretical text’, ‘a slap to the face of conventional motivation’ and also ‘a brilliant contribution to the field of human behaviour’. This pragmatic book shows forward thinking folk how to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to drive progress and change at work.

We have 6 copies of The Game Changer to give away to the first O News readers who can tell us:

‘What does motivation science + game design = ?’


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