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What is IStageEvent?

Digital tools are making the life of an event manager easier all the time, but until now you've needed a dozen different apps to run your event - and none of them talked to each other!

IStageEvent from Staging Connections changes all of that!

Communicate with all your delegates at once, do away with paper event guides, provide up-to-the-minute exhibitor information, get instant feedback and allow your delegates to interact with speakers live on stage!

And that's just the highlights!

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  • I can send messages to all my delegates at the touch of a button
  • I can replace my paper event guides with this easy to use tool right where my attendees are most receptive – on their Smartphones.
  • I can help my delegates and exhibitors create networking opportunities.
  • I can get feedback through IStageEvent rather than collating printed sheets into a spreadsheet
  • I can earn additional revenue by providing more advertising real estate to sponsors
  • I can facilitate more appointments for my exhibitors
  • I can encourage more repeat visitors to my shows as delegates establish better connectivity amongst their colleagues
  • I can target speakers to specific delegates
  • I can get delegates to interact with speakers on stage from the audience
  • I have access to an easy to use CMS that makes organising conferences and events a breeze.
  • I have access to full dashboard reporting.
  • I can stay on track and meet with those businesses and individuals I need to through real time messaging.
  • IStageEvent can be run on any Apple, Android or Rim operating system.
  • I have access to all event information post event.
  • I am providing everyone at my event the best tools to share information before, during and even post event.
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