How to be HOT in Social Media

Abe Lincoln Quote

It’s a tongue in cheek ‘quote’ but pretty much sums up how I feel about the internet sometimes.

I can be a bit dubious about the amount of content in cyber space, social media and its source. Some things we read just aren’t true. Shocking, I know. The web and all its capability gives us access to more information than ever before. You can literally find anything online but it doesn’t mean the results are A: True B: From a trustworthy source C: Apply to you and your situation. And let’s be honest when we do search we rarely look past page 1 or 2. So is it those who cleverly optimise and promote their profile who win big in cyberspace?

When it comes to social media having quick access to conversations, people and connections is a plus. It enables us to get in touch with people whom we wouldn’t always have daily interaction within the everyday physical world. Another big positive is the access to interesting thought leaders who can introduce new ideas and possibilities. In the world of events we see various social media strategies and are learning more in this area as time goes by. Ultimately when you book a presenter, MC, celebrity or talent you are looking for them to add value to your audience and event. In partnership with your booked speaker we can help add more value and love to do so wherever possible.

Are you using social media to promote your event? Do you have a planned strategy for the day? How can we help you to expand the circle of communication to a wider audience? Many of the presenters and talent we work with are very active online and have a huge sphere of influence.

A few things to think about:

  • How can we help you get your message out to your target audience?
  • Can you provide us with a full brief on social media and event promotion pre-event?
  • Are you writing a press release?
  • How else can your bureau and speaker help you get in front of a wider audience?
  • Would you like an article for your Facebook, Twitter or blog?
  • Perhaps your presenter can film a welcome or invitation video you can use?
  • Filming on the day. Is your presenter happy to have their presentation filmed and will they provide their permission to use it internally or online?
  • What social forums can presenters tap into on event day?
  • Post event – what articles, links and follow up can speakers provide for your delegates?
  • Are there any photos or details you can share that we can report on in our social media networks and newsletters post event?

It is always best to look into these things sooner, rather than later. There are still presenters who do not engage in social media and say no to filming. If these items are important to you they are excellent points to cover off with us before you make a booking. No one likes surprises or mismatched expectations. Make this part of the briefing process with your bureau to ensure we are all on the same page.

I wouldn’t want to be without web capability and like many I enjoy my fair share of cyberspace activities: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Yet when it comes to making a major purchasing decision I most definitely have one foot in the analogue world and the other in the digital. I look to peers, experts and trustworthy testimonials for advice. The internet is fast, open anytime and doesn’t involve having to talk to a ‘real’ person but inevitably I end up spending hours trawling through pages then asking myself, "Do I have the right information? Are all the best options covered? Have I missed something? Is this true?" Maybe this is just my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) at play. What I generally find is I settle on a combination of online research, recommendations, past buyer experience and sources I trust. I also find many of our clients go through a similar process. Not all have the time to do online research, and look to us straight away, but others do their own research. They find websites don’t have all the answers to booking speakers but are great tools for inspiration and ideas.

Ovations are here to help you find the right people, with the right message, who will deliver it at the right time. Our vision is simple - To be seen as THE Bureau. The internet, social media and technology all play a part and are helpful in many ways. But at the end of the day we are all about people. We partner with people. We send people out into the world who deliver a variety of messages to people. I am sure many thought our industry relevance would diminish with the internet revolution. Yet the opposite has happened. Some may think by going direct they will get a better ‘deal’ but they miss out on an opportunity to tap into qualified ideas, added value, negotiation power and working with a partner who represents their best interests throughout the booking.

In a world full of information overload people still look to people they can trust to help them make confident decisions. How do I see it? Regardless of the technology available and how we all choose to use it, at Ovations people will always be at the core of our purpose and everything we do.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject. Or perhaps you would like to share your feedback on our website or our Facebook and Twitter profiles? You can email me directly on

Have a great month!

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