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Everyday we are influenced by those around us. Whether that’s who were following on social media, who we’re watching on Television or who’s podcast we have in our ears.

But what about the people that we are influencing? In Business, we spend 40% of our time influencing others, and even more so if you’re in sales.

Some people are just focused on their own goals and what they want to achieve, but they forget that it’s the team around you that will boost your success. The “abundant mindset” is a key attribute mastered by top performers and leaders, This means that the more you positively help or influence those around you, the more success will come your way. So here are some hot tips for positively influencing in the workplace.

Action Over Words

To build influence at work, it can’t be done through words. You can share great strategies and give wonderful presentations, but it’s the consistent action that people see you take that will help you become influential. Especially in management, People seeing you “walk the walk” is what influences people to follow you because they want to, not because they have to.

Genuine Interest

The 2 questions people will ask themselves when working with/for you is:

  1. Do you care about me?
  2. Do you have my best interests at heart.

If the answer is yes, then you have their trust and influence.. If not, then you may need to spend more time listening to people and letting them know their opinions are respected and valued. In return this will create a trust environment where your ideas are also listened to, valued and respected.


Influence is built from trust. Do the people around you trust you? What have you done to earn their trust? One key way is to make sure you always follow through on  tasks that are promised to client’s and fellow employees, not just when it’s in your benefit.

In 2019 influence is a hot topic because the more collaborative the workplace and industries become, the more we need to be able to build trust and influence, with and without authority.



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