It's all about sharing

Glynn Nicholas is one of Australia's best known comics, theatre producer and author, and a popular business speaker for his savvy insights on leadership and teambuilding.

When busking his way through Europe, Glynn learned that the key is sharing.

Shared trust enables you to achieve the impossible both with an audience and a team - they know you're leading them somewhere great.

Shared humour binds co-workers together and unites them in a common goal.

Shared humanity shows your team (and audience) that they're valued as individuals, something so few organisations get right.

Get those things right and everything else just falls into place.

Those lessons may have come from Glynn's busking experiences but they're ever-present in his work today, highlighted in the return of his hit comedy show, Certified Male, described as "Brutally frank and seriously funny". Delving into the secrets of men and corporate life, the show makes its return to the Australian stage in August.

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