Lauren Burns: Life’s a Team Sport

I was giving a presentation last week and was asked to comment on the value of building relationships. This is one of the core values in my business and I believe it is what has ensured a 12yr career in corporate speaking following the Sydney Olympics.

When I reflect on my own performance at those Games there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I could not have done it alone. We hear a lot about the team of people; coaching staff, sports psychologists, strength coaches, massage therapists, physios and nutritionists that surround athletes and they really do play a huge role in performance.

How does this relate to business? It comes back to the old saying that the ‘sum is greater than the parts’. We can achieve more by working together. Focusing on relationships within our own business along with that of our clients is vital to a successful business. A focus on collaboration, partnership and synergy of brands can be incredibly powerful.

Strategic planning was a big part of my preparation as an athlete and similarly in my business. Get your thinking cap on and think of ways your business can build better relationships and partnerships. Target key associations and put a strategy together to create relationships that enhance and facilitate growth, creativity and forward motion.

…and have fun doing it!

Lauren Burns
OAM, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist (BHSc)
Olympic Gold Medallist, Taekwondo. Sydney 2000

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