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Meet the Australian keynote speakers on the front line of the AI revolution

You have probably heard about Chat GPT and the myriad of other AI services reshaping the business world and set to enrich our lives. In fact, you are probably already using AI day-to-day. AI is not just a technological shift but is a cultural transformation requiring companies to rethink their approach to digital technologies. 

This month we showcase 8 speakers on the front line of business & innovation who provide valuable insights and strategies, moving beyond mere discussions or fears about AI, to help people flourish in an AI-centric world - and do so in a way that is highly accessible, informative, non-technical, engaging and inclusive. 

These experts will help your audience demystify the key technologies that are front-facing to AI by providing actionable strategies and case studies with engaging keynotes adaptable to your industry.

SingularityU Australia Summit

With over two decades of experience in AI, Liesl has a rich history of developing and scaling large AI systems. As an AI expert, pioneer, and CEO, she provides valuable insights and strategies, moving beyond mere discussions or fears about AI, to help people flourish in an AI-centric world.

Uncovering the bias of AI

Walkley Award-winning journalist Tracey Spicer delves into the new frontier of AI to uncover the deep-embedded bias in its programming. Using insights gained from her new book "Man-Made - How the bias of the past is being built into the future", Tracey offers an exploration into technology's role in shaping our society and a compelling call to action.

4 ways AI technology is about to improve daily life

As a familiar face on morning TV, trend forecaster and best-selling author Michael McQueen spotlights how AI technology, in spite of reservations, is set to enrich our lives. Known for his forward-thinking strategies, he underscores the forthcoming tech advancements, which makes him a go-to strategist for businesses globally aspiring to stay ahead of change.

How your business can harness the power of AI

Your mobile phone has the power of what 20 years ago was the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Artificial Intelligence can already do multiple aspects of your job faster and more accurately than you can. Don’t put all this in the too-hard basket - let Adam Spencer show you how to make AI technology work for you today and carry you into tomorrow.

Augmenting Human Creativity In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

Business disruption expert James Taylor delivers a tailored keynote exploring how creativity is vital in the AI and automation era. He guides audiences through disruptive technologies, job automation risks, the value of creativity, a process for enhancing creative thinking, leading innovative teams, fostering creative culture, and using 'SuperCreativity' for rapid idea development.

Your roadmap to using AI

In her captivating keynotes, Amanda uses her vast knowledge and experience as a CEO of an AI company to articulate complex AI and ChatGPT concepts to audiences. Her unique blend of business leadership and AI expertise, backed by patents and products, enables her to discuss AI's transformative role across industries, emphasizing ChatGPT's potential for creativity and customer engagement.

Is AI coming for your job

Nick Abrahams is at the front line of global business & innovation. He has advised many of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformation strategies. His keynotes, adaptable to specific sectors, provide actionable guidance and case studies of successful digital transformations, strategies for managing data, understanding key technologies, and tactics for successful innovation partnerships.

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