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Meet the Speakers at the forefront of Mental Health & Workplace safety in 2023

Don't underestimate the impact of work safety and mental health on your organization's success! Fostering a safe and healthy work environment is crucial for driving success. Ensuring the well-being of your workforce not only reduces risks and liabilities but also enhances productivity and employee retention. To further empower your organization in this vital area, our keynote speakers can share their expertise and insights to inspire impactful changes and give you valuable insights, tailored strategies, and best practices to encourage a thriving and resilient workforce that drives sustainable success.

Awareness about stress and anxiety has grown in recent years but it is still not openly discussed or engaged, especially at work. We also know that stressed-out employees are less happy, efficient, productive, and creative. When employees are happy and healthy, your customers and the bottom line will be too.

Using motivational and inspirational approaches, our speakers are qualified to discuss the emotional problems people face in a technologized and performance-oriented culture. They are engaging in the tough conversations that shift perspectives and save lives.

National Safe Work Month and Mental Health Awareness Month is this October! Have you booked your speaker yet?

Minding Your Mind

James O'Loghlin provides practical, evidence-based strategies for maintaining and improving mental health in teh workplace. The session will cover crucial topics such as identifying and addressing burnout, understanding the physical aspects of mental health, and employing practical techniques to alleviate mental health issues. He explores the value of social connections, the role of our body clock, and the potential for personal change, asserting that traits like anxiety and shyness are not immutable but can be modified through specific actions.

Good culture is good for business

A workplace culture transformer who speaks about preventing bullying and sexual harassment and fostering productive work environments. As an employment and safety lawyer, consultant, and keynote speaker, Karen Maher has handled over 300 cases and developed the innovative SmartCulture® model, which offers adaptable strategies for organisations seeking cultural transformation. Karen collaborates with a diverse array of industries, promoting engagement, retention, and safe workplaces.

Workplace Safety

An Afterburner presentation on workplace safety always leaves a lasting impression, and is consistently rated on Google as 4.5 out of 5. Whether you’re looking to make an impact on your safety day with a keynote delivering insights into the high risk, high consequence environment that is day-to-day life in a fighter squadron or an experiential program highlighting the common human performance traits that contribute to the accident chain, Afterburner will drive home the message to everyone, at every level of your organisation.

Burnout & Mental Health

Kim Huckerby's engaging presentations drive change in mental health and wellbeing, fostering a more inclusive and progressive environment where individuals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to support those facing challenges and create a positive impact on their own lives and those around them. Kim’s passion and skill ensures that every time she steps onto the stage or engages with her audience online, people walk away feeling changed and inspired.


Resilience expert and board director of R U OK?, Graeme Cowan empowers future-ready leaders to build caring and resilient teams that thrive together. Drawing from his extensive experience in senior leadership positions and a personal journey through depression, Graeme shares authentic, relevant, and compelling insights with  audiences worldwide. As the author of five books, including the internationally acclaimed ""Back from the Brink,"" Graeme's work fosters transformative conversations that lead to meaningful action and change.

Digital Wellbeing

A leading digital wellbeing and peak performance expert, Dr Kristy Goodwin offers science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a technology-driven world. Drawing from cutting-edge neuroscience and research, Kristy helps executives, leaders, and teams harness the benefits of technology while mitigating its impacts on performance and wellbeing. With a background in education, academia, and extensive experience working with prominent clients, she is a compelling and relatable presenter committed to empowering individuals to work productively and sustainably in our always-on, digital world.

Positive Impact

Nic Newling, a passionate mental health and suicide prevention advocate, has impacted millions through various media outlets. After personal experiences with mental health struggles and suicide, he founded The Champions, a grassroots organisation focused on promoting constructive mental health conversations. An acclaimed speaker, Nic has shared his story at conferences and corporations worldwide and is committed to driving positive change in mental health.

Self Mastery

The pandemic has fundamentally altered our work landscape, ushering in a hybrid workspace that combines remote and traditional in-person work. This new paradigm, however, has introduced mental health challenges such as stress and anxiety due to lockdowns, isolation, and blurred work-life boundaries. In this context, Pauline Nguyen shares valuable insights and actionable takeaways from her 20 years of human management experience, helping organizations navigate and thrive in the evolving world of work.

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